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31 DECEMBER 2014

Ultra low-fi Quake demake for analogue oscilloscope

"Programmer Pekka Väänänen has rendered a playable version of the classic first–person shooter Quake on an oscilloscope. Video game demakes – adaptations or ports that recreate a game in art styles or on hardware from before their time – have become trendy in recent years, but this demo is a particularly old–fashioned throwback. In 1958, physicist William Higinbotham created one of the first video games, a tennis simulation that ran on a Donner Model 30 analog computer and an oscilloscope display. That game used dots on a 2D plane; Väänänen's creation draws the shooter's 3D space in a style reminiscent of a high school student's sketch book."

(Chris Plante, 29 December 2014)



2014analogue correspondence • Audio Stream Input-Output (ASIO) • crafts technology • Darkplaces Quake • electronic analogues • electronic rendering • fan gameFinnishfirst-person shooterFPS (games) • graphic animation • Hitachi V-422 oscilloscope • Jed Margolin • line geometry • low-filow-techopen sourceoscilloscope • Pekka Vaananen • portingProcessing (software)Quakerealtime generated visuals • realtime rendered • recreate a game • recreate favourite video games • recreationreinterpretationremediationrendered on the screenretrogamingrevisionism • software porting • technology repurposingultra-low-techvector artvideo game • video game adaptation • video game demake • video game remake • visual translation


Simon Perkins
01 MAY 2012

Graphic Design Communication students recreate an ornamental display font through contemporary and traditional processes

"Stage one Graphic Design Communication students have been developing a new ornamental display font with highly Individual characters inspired by drawing digitally and laser cut manufactured to the exacting standards reminiscent of a traditional font foundry.

Level tutor Nigel Bents and Associate Lecturer Paul Oakley will further support students by printing typographic posters at the New North Press."

(Graphic Design Communication at Chelsea College of Art and Design, 16 October 2011)



Adobe Illustratoralphabetbeing smart with technology • Bodoni • Chelsea College of Art and Design • compositor • contemporary font design • craftcraft nostalgiacraft skillscreative practicedesignerdisplay fontdrawing digitallyearly twentieth centuryfont • font design • graphic design communication • hybrid processindividual character • laser cut • laser cuttingmovable typenew crafts • New North Press • new techniques • Nigel Bents • ornamental • ornamental alphabet • ornamental display font • ornamental font • Paul Oakley • posterprintingprinting processrecreationrendered on the screenskillsstudentstechniquetechnology • traditional font foundry • traditional practicestraditional processtype • type founding • typographertypographic postertypographyUKvisual communicationwoodblock printing


Simon Perkins

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