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15 JANUARY 2016

Rick Smolan: The Human Face of Big Data

"The Human Face of Big Data is a multi-platform media project that explores the world of Big Data. The project’s intention is to start a global conversation about an information revolution that tracks our existence in ways never before possible. The book, interactive viewer app, iPad ebook and documentary invite us to consider the promise and the peril of humanity’s ability to collect, analyze and visualize the vast amounts of data generated by modern existence."

Video published on 24 Jan 2013




2012 • Against All Odds Productions • aging • big data • Bright Simons • child birth • cholesterol • chroniclecloud computing • counterfeit drugs • digital health • digital landscape • energy consumption • global projects • Gordon Bell • Jack Dorsey • Jennifer Erwitt • Katy Marriner • Marshall McLuhanmemorabilia • Mike Malone • mPedigree • MyLifeBits • new technologies • Nigel Holmes • personal monitoring device • personal photographs • personalised healthcarephotography projectsretirement communityRick Smolan • Said Business School • Sandy Smolan • Scott Wiseman • SenseCam • ShotSpotter • Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford • smartphone payments • Stephen Wilkes • study guide • tentacles • The Human Face of Big Data • Times SquareUniversity of Oxford • verification system • video lecture


Simon Perkins
21 APRIL 2012

Pledge Me: funding platform for creative projects

"PledgeMe is here to provide a collaborative way to help fund creative projects for anyone who has an idea they want to see happen, and just as importantly, give support to those who wish to contribute to the success of a project.

When a project is successful and reaches or exceeds the funding goal the project requires, the total amount raised by the contributions of the supporters is passed on to the creator of the project, minus the percentage due to PledgeMe. If a project is not successful and doesn't reach its funding goal, the funding intended for the project doesn't get charged to the supporters of the project."

(Camilo Borges, Anna Guenther, Prue Clark and Amy Bowie)



2011Aotearoa New Zealandart projectsAucklandbusiness project • charity projects • Christchurch • circus projects • comics projects • creative controlcreative industriescreative projectscrowdfunding • crowdfunding engine • crowdfunding platform • crowdsourcingdesign projectDunedin • fashion projects • film projects • fund projects • fundingfunding platform • games projects • independent funding • journalism projects • media production • music projects • new form of patronage • New Zealand Inland Revenue • participationpatronagephotography projectspledge • Pledge Me • promote your projectrevenue model • songwriting projects • standup comedy projects • start-uptax credit • technology projects • test conceptstheatre projectsWellington • your project


Simon Perkins

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