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15 APRIL 2012

JISC Final Report: Enhancing the VADS Image Collection

"The project had three overarching aims: to improve image searching and retrieval; to enable VADS images to be accessed more easily; and to facilitate increased use of the collection by academics. To achieve this, the project has developed OAI–PMH capabilities on the VADS database; developed and applied a general top level hierarchical taxonomy to the VADS collections; implemented a combination of controlled terms and free to edit user tags; and enabled academic users to create, annotate and publish their own image sets. "

(Amy Robinson, August 2009, p.4)

Fig.1 French photographer, JR.



2009 • academic users • academicsannotationcollections • controlled terms • databasedigitisation • easy access • enhancing the VADS • folksonomy • free to edit user tags • funded project • hierarchical taxonomy • image annotation • image collectionimage database • image publishing • image retrieval • image searchingimage setsJISCOAI-PMHonline collectionsearchsearch and retrievaltaxonomy • user tags • VADS • VADS database


Simon Perkins

Bloom's Taxonomy

"well–known taxonomy of learning objectives is an attempt (within the behavioural paradigm) to classify forms and levels of learning. ... As well as providing a basic sequential model for dealing with topics in the curriculum, it also suggests a way of categorising levels of learning, in terms of the expected ceiling for a given programme. Thus in the Cognitive domain, training for technicians may cover knowledge, comprehension and application, but not concern itself with analysis and above, whereas full professional training may be expected to include this and synthesis and evaluation as well."

ATHERTON J S (2005) Learning and Teaching: Bloom's taxonomy [On–line] UK: Available: [Accessed: 28 September 2008]

BLOOM B S (ed.) (1956) Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, the classification of educational goals – Handbook I: Cognitive Domain New York: McKay



behaviourismBenjamin Bloom • Blooms taxonomy • curriculumeducationhierarchical taxonomy • James Atherton • learningpedagogy • pyramid diagram • sequential model • taxonomy


Simon Perkins

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