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25 JULY 2010

Better Place Australia: zero emissions driving

"Better Place Australia is part of a global company dedicated to zero emissions driving. We will enable the mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia by providing the infrastructure and services that make it easy, affordable and attractive for motorists to adopt and drive electric vehicles.

The key barriers to the mass adoption of EVs in Australia, and globally, have been 'range anxiety', the cost and risk of battery purchase and the impact of EV charging on the electricity grid.

To overcome 'range anxiety' – the fear of EV drivers that their battery will run out of power – Better Place provides a personal charge spot at home, access to a network of charge spots at work and in public, access to 'instant recharge' through battery swap stations and in–car services to help drivers know when and where to recharge.

The system of battery swapping also helps overcome the cost and risk of battery purchase. The driver's subscription to Better Place covers use of a battery and the ability to swap and go at any swap station. Rather than pay upfront, drivers pay a monthly fee which covers their battery use. Better Place manages the risk and performance of the pool of batteries by tracking their capability and use through the battery swap stations.

Better Place manages the impact of EV charging on the electricity grid by using software that coordinates the charge spots so that the charging needs of customers are met within network capacity constraints. . This helps make the electricity grid more efficient and significantly reduces the need for additional generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure."

(Better Place, 2010)



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Lindsay Quennell
18 FEBRUARY 2010

Infiniti's Journey of Inspiration (five-projector video installation)

"At the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, Klip Collective created a full 360, five–projector video installation for Infiniti. The virtual unveiling of the 2011 M was the centerpiece of the site–specific installation. Using video mapping technology and just one projector, Klip Collective transformed a foam model of the 2011 M to a moving, 3D illusion."

(Klip Collective)



2009360 degreesadcarcar ad • foam model • illusion • Infiniti Worldwide • Klip Collective • motion designNissanoverlayprojection mappingsite specific projectionsite-specific installationsuperimpositionvideo art • video mapping • visual illusionvisual spectaclevisual transformation


Suttana Keyuraphan
25 DECEMBER 2007

Japanese consumer products database

"A showcase of different Japanese consumer products from the '70s, '80s and '90s, mostly, including everything from phones, radios, TV sets, audio sets, cameras to vehicles."
(Akira Ota)



1970s1980s1990s • Aiwa • Akira Ota • artefact • Aurex • Canonconsumableconsumer products • Contax • Cosina • Daihatsu • Diatone • EpsonFujifilm • Fujitsu • Hitachi • Hondaindustrial design • Isuzu • Japan • Kawasaki • Kenwood • Konica • Lux • Mamiya • Mazda • Minolta • Nakamich • Nec • Nikon • Nippondenso • Nissan • Olympus • Onkyo • Panasonic • Pentax • pioneerproduct designRicoh • Seiko • Sony • Subaru • Suzuki • Technics • Tomy • Toyota • Victor • vintage technologyYamaha

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