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08 MAY 2013

The Open Road: an early travelogue in colour

"In 1924 Claude Friese–Greene (cinematographer and son of moving–image pioneer William) embarked on an intrepid road trip from Land's End to John O'Groats. He recorded his journey on film, using an experimental colour process. Entitled The Open Road, this remarkable travelogue was conceived as a series of 26 short episodes, to be shown weekly at the cinema."

(Independent Cinema Office, UK)




1920s1926BFI National Archive • British pioneer • cinemacinema pioneer • cinema technician • Claude Friese-Greene • colourcolour film • colour footage • colour processcultural heritageepisodes • experimental colour process • footage • Friese-Greene Natural Colour • history of cinema • Independent Cinema Office • John OGroats • Jonquil • journey • Lands End • Londonnatural colour • picture-postcard • road journey • road trip • social history • The Open Road (1926) • travelogueUK • William Friese-Greene • Yann Tiersen


Simon Perkins
12 APRIL 2012

A World Class Wave on Scotland's North Shore

"Mark 'Egor' Harris and Mitch Corbett will travel the length of the country discovering how this iconic surf scene was born, as well as stopping and surfing at significant breaks along the way. On their journey they'll meet key characters from the history of British surfing as well as current crews that epitomise each region's unique surfing culture."

(The Endless Winter, 10 Apr 2012)

Fig.1 Episode 6; A World Class Wave On Scotland's North Shore.



2012arctic circlebeach • British surfing • road journeyScotlandsea • significant breaks • sport and recreationsports documentarysurf • surf scene • surf videossurfersurfing • surfing culture • The Endless Winter • wave • wetsuit


Simon Perkins

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