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11 DECEMBER 2013

The Big Bang Theory - Howard's kissing machine

Fig.1 The Big Bang Theory: "The Infestation Hypothesis", Season 5, Episode 2: Howard invents a kissing machine for Leonard's long distance relationship with Prya.



Liam Birtles
02 MAY 2005

Transacting Remotely: participating in Transmute's networked presence installation

I participated in the Transmute Collective's 'Intimate Transactions' work last week. The project allows two people to interact with each other remotely through a mediated interactive experience. For my session I 'transacted' with Keith Armstrong who was at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) in Melbourne. As the two of us moved our feet on the project's 'Bodyshelf' our virtual avatar was able to move around the screen (projected simultaneously in Brisbane and Melbourne). In this way our avatars were able to 'collect' virtual 'assets' that we were able to share with each other through 'intimate transaction'.
(Simon Perkins)



Simon Perkins

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