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11 DECEMBER 2012

Dara Ó Briain's Science Club: The Story of Exploration

"Science journalist Alok Jha asks whether it is a good idea for humans to reach out to extra–terrestrials and oceanographer Helen Czerski comes face to face with extreme radiation, energy so deadly it could seriously curtail humans travelling further than the solar system. Plus special guest Josh Widdecombe visits NASA in Houston to find out the challenges we face to get humans to Mars and materials scientist Mark Miodownik takes apart a space suit."

(BBC Two, UK)

Fig.1 this animation is from Episode 4 of 6 of Dara Ó Briain's Science Club, Tuesday 27 November at 9pm on BBC Two, voiced by Dara Ó Briain, animated by 12Foot6, Published on YouTube on 27 Nov 2012 by BBC.



12Foot6 • 1492 • 20122D2D animationAlok Jhaanimated information graphicsanimationApollo 11balloonBBC TwoBBC2charts • Christopher Columbus • clockDara O Briainexploration • extreme radiation • final frontier • flightHelen Czerskihistory of ideashuman speciesillustration to visually communicate information • Josh Widdecombe • lifeMark MiodownikMarsNASAnavigationoceanographer • powered aircraft • radioactivity • rocket • scienceScience Club (tv)sequential artsolar systemspacespace explorationspace suitspace travelspaceflightstory of scienceUKvikingvisual representations of scientific concepts


Simon Perkins

After 35 Years, Voyager Nears Edge of Solar System

"Tucked aboard each Voyager spacecraft was a 12–inch, gold–plated, copper phonograph disc 'containing sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth,' according to NASA.

Below is a sampling of the 115 images and audio clips, selected by a committee chaired by Carl Sagan. The images were encoded in analog form. The audio was designed to be played at 16 2/3 rpm; a needle, cartridge and symbolic instructions for using the record were also included."

(Nell Greenfieldboyce, 12 September 2012, NPR)




197720th century • Ann Druyan • Carl Sagan • Cornell Universitydeep space probeeating behaviours • extraterrestrial intelligence • golden record • golden records • greetings • immortalise • interstellar probe • Jimmy Carter • Kurt Waldheim • Latin word • morse code • NASANational Aeronautics and Space AdministrationNPRPioneer 10 • Pioneer plaque • probesalutationsolar system • Sounds of Earth • spacespace exploration • space probe • Terrestrialtime capsule • Voyager 1 • Voyager 2 • Voyager Golden Record


Simon Perkins
25 MAY 2008

Aotearoa New Zealand from NASA's International Space Station

"STS–116 Mission Specialists Robert L. Curbeam, Jr. (left) and Christer Fuglesang participate in the first of the mission's three planned sessions of extravehicular activity as construction resumes on the International Space Station."

(Robin Capper, 18 December 2006)

Fig.1 Photo by ESA/NASA.

[Clearly visible Christchurch, Kaikoura, Nelson and Wellington.]



2006Aotearoa New ZealandChristchurch • ESA • European Space Agency • International Space Station • Kaikoura • Mainland • NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration • Nelson • South Islandspace travelWellington


Simon Perkins
03 OCTOBER 2005

The Six Million Dollar Man: astronaut-cyborg

"Steve Austin was a former astronaut who was severely injured when his experimental plane crashed. He lost his legs, his right arm and his left eye in the crash, and his life was only saved by extensive bionic surgery, performed at the behest of the U.S. government, who were looking for a test subject for the new technology. Now equipped with state of the art mechanical replacements for his missing appendages, he works as a special operative for The Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI), a covert branch of the US government."

[The TV movie (1973) and Television series were adapted from Martin Caidin's novel titled Cyborg (first published in 1972). The programme did much to popularise the notion of mechanical augmentation. The opening sequence featured footage from pilot Bruce Peterson's 1967 real–life accident flying NASA's Northrop M2–F2 aeroplane.

Download series theme tune (mp3) at WavCentral.]



1972accidentaeroplaneastronautaugmentationbionics • Bruce Peterson • crashcyborgMartin CaidinNASA • Northrop M2-F2 • OSI • pilotresurrectionSix Million Dollar ManSteve Austinsurgerytelevision
01 JANUARY 2004

Pioneer 10: betraying assumed and privileged cultural codes

"We have sent several inscribed messages into space. The two Voyager probes each carry a long–playing record of 'The Sounds of Earth' and both Pioneer craft, the first manmade objects to leave our Solar System, bear plaques charting their route, along with a picture of naked humans waving a greeting. A similar alien salutation could be waiting on Earth for us, says Rose"
(Mark Peplow, Nature News)

Rose C. & Wright G. Nature, 431. 47 – 49(2004).

[On the 3rd of March 1972 NASA launched the Pioneer 10 interstellar probe (spacecraft) into deep space. Attached to it was a plaque designed to communicate something of what it meant to be from Earth. It attempted to present a generalised view of humanity stripped of all cultural and social difference (a normative view). Despite this noble aim the plaque couldn't help but betray its assumed (and privileged) cultural codes. Its focus on Terrestrial life was unmistakably: Human; ethnically Anglo–Saxon (logically North American); heterosexual and 1960s – 70s.]





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