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09 JANUARY 2013

Digital Humanities Now

"Digital Humanities Now showcases the scholarship and news of interest to the digital humanities community through a process of aggregation, discovery, curation, and review. Digital Humanities Now also is an experiment in ways to identify, evaluate, and distribute scholarship on the open web through a weekly publication and the quarterly Journal of Digital Humanities."

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Simon Perkins
28 MARCH 2012

Retaggr: sharing your portable online profile across social networks

"retaggr [was before it closed] a widget–based service that enables active web users to link all their various site–based profiles into a single, always updated, interactive business card that can be attached to virtually any type of content or interaction the user has on the web.

The interactive profile card can be linked to or embedded anywhere online, including in email signatures, blog entries, other text, or as part of online profiles on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, and others. It lets you leave a summary of the way you define yourself on the web anywhere you want to share it."

(Retaggr, CrunchBase Profile)



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Simon Perkins

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