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21 OCTOBER 2012

Minority Report-style advertising billboards to target consumers

"Researchers at IBM have revealed they are working on technology which will lead to consumers being shown tailor made adverts that reflect their personal interests.

Digital advertising screens are already appearing in train stations, on bus stops and on the sides of buildings, but currently they only show generic adverts for a handful of products.

The new advertising hoardings will behave like those in the film Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, in which Cruise's character is confronted with digital signs that call out his name as he walks through a futuristic shopping mall.

'John Anderton. You could use a Guinness right about now,' one billboard announces as he walks past.

IBM claims that its technology will help prevent consumers from being subjected to a barrage of irritating advertising because they will only be shown adverts for products that are relevant to them."

(Richard Gray, 01 August 2010, Science Correspondent for The Telegraph)

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Simon Perkins
24 MARCH 2012

Pop-up art transform Christchurch earthquake barriers

"Bryan L'Estrange has been chosen to curate an art exhibition in Sumner on canvases stretched across the container fronts. They will be installed at Sumners' Peacock's Gallop stretch of Containers. In some cases the containers are 12 metres long. ..

Dinesh Patel is the designer, Bryan LEstrange is curator. They are taking submissions from artists and looking for sponsors now. Some of the artists already confirmed include Ben Reid, Tony Delautour and Kees Bruin as well as Simon Kaan, Tony Cribb and Jason Kelly."

(L'Estrange Art Gallery, 06 September 2011, The Big Idea)

[The shipping containers were put in place as barriers to prevent injury by falling rocks, after the September 2010 earthquake in the seaside Christchurch suburb of Sumner in Aotearoa New Zealand.]

Fig.1 Bryan L'Estrange (2011), "Container exhibition Sumner Christchurch".




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Simon Perkins

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