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23 DECEMBER 2014

Studenthood and identification: higher education as a liminal transitional space

"Studenthood is a distinctive form of identity because educational programmes themselves are almost invariably associated with transition. The formal status of being a 'student' is relatively clear cut in higher education, where people are required to undergo prescribed procedures which clearly designate them as being students. The status of student is also a transitory status, after which most will expect to become something else–a graduate, who will enjoy graduate status in a credentialist labour market.

We can therefore see higher education not only as a transitional space, but as being 'liminal'. This idea derives from the work of the social anthropologist, Victor Turner (1987), on tribal peoples who are in the midst of a passage from one status role to another. There are obvious reasons why Turner's idea of liminality cannot be transferred unproblematically to the types of status transition that are experienced in a very different type of society. Nevertheless, we argue, it is possible to draw on and develop Turner's work in thinking of a critical theory of retention."

(John Field and Natalie Morgan–Klein, 2010)

Field J & Morgan–Klein N (2010) "Studenthood and identification: higher education as a liminal transitional space" In: , Leeds: Education–line / British Education Index. 40th Annual SCUTREA Conference, University of Warwick.



2010 • become something else • becoming • constant state of becoming • credentialist labour market • critical theory of retention • educational programmes • graduate status • higher educationidentity • John Field • liminal experienceliminal spaceliminal stage • liminal transitional space • liminality • Natalie Morgan-Klein • prescribed procedures • rites of passage • status transition • studenthood • transition into and through universitytransitional rites • transitional space • transitory status • Victor Turner


Simon Perkins
25 MARCH 2012

Business incubator: newSplash Communication Design Studio

"The newSplash studio bridges the gap between design education and the workforce by employing students and graduate designers from the Otago Polytechnic in our real–life studio. Then we connect them with you!"

(Otago Polytechnic, Aotearoa New Zealand)

Fig.1 Video showing samples of the film work created by newSplash Communication Design Studio, which is located at Otago Polytechnic.



Aotearoa New Zealandbrokerbrokeragebusiness incubatorcareercommercialisationcommissioningcreative industriesdesign businessdesign educationdesign studioDunedin • employing • employment agentemployment broker • facilitator • freelancegaining employmentgraduate bridgegraduate designers • graduate entrepreneur • incubator • incubator for graduate entrepreneurs • industry realitiesjob opportunitiesjobsnetworking • newSplash Communication Design Studio • newSplash Studio • on commission • Otago Polytechnic • outsourcepost-graduate employmentpost-graduate schemeproject bidreal-life studioSouth Islandstudents • transactions • transition into and through universitytransition into post-graduate employmentwork placementworkforce


Simon Perkins

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