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05 NOVEMBER 2012

Organza: improving policy-making in the field of creative industries

"Organza aims at improving policy–making in the field of creative industries and to strengthen regional economies by developing and evaluating new policy instruments, sharing experiences between different European regions and medium–sized cities.

To achieve its objectives Organza brings together 13 partners with different models of policy development and which are at different stages of policy making. Since it is a new policy area, methodologies are to be developed to enable partners to compare and contrast the structure of creative industries and the supporting infrastructure within their regions and assess the effectiveness of the many initiatives that have been developed to support them. The information generated will be collated into a major database to facilitate the sharing of information. From this comprehensive collection of data, a limited set of practices is selected for transfer between cities and regions. Focusing on the three stages of the policy process (creation, piloting and implementation), the transfer of experience and good practice will be evaluated by the project partners and the experience widely shared."




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Simon Perkins
09 MARCH 2012

Iridescent: Icograda Journal of Design Research

"Icograda is pleased to introduce to you our newest initiative, Iridescent: Icograda Journal of Design Research. With the launch of this peer–reviewed journal, Icograda continues to support the development of communication design education in theory, practice and research.

This online platform seeks to engage the global design community as a whole in much–needed critical commentary on the state of our profession. Scholars and researchers from each region of the world are able to share their insights in any of the six United Nations languages and we hope to reveal new voices to the international design discourse through this inclusive approach.

By attracting original content across all design disciplines and setting a standard for innovative research, Icograda hopes to inspire and encourage new and unconventional approaches to design research."

(Omar Vulpinari, Editorial Director)

2). Download Iridescent, Volume 1 [PDF – 8.5 MB]



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Simon Perkins

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