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07 NOVEMBER 2012

Research Catalogue: international database for artistic research

"The Research Catalogue (RC) is a searchable database for archiving artistic research. RC content is not peer reviewed, nor is it highly controlled for quality, being checked only for appropriateness. As a result, the RC is highly inclusive.

The open source status of the RC is essential to its nature and serves its function as a connective and transitional layer between academic discourse and artistic practice, thereby constituting a discursive field for artistic research.

The RC creates a link between (1) elaborated documentation of the work; and (2) expositions and comments that engage with the contribution of the work as research.

Given that the RC is a site for artistic research, to add a work is to make a claim that the work can be seen as research; through expositions, comments and articles the initial claim is transformed into an argument. It is believed that the reflective space provided by the RC can become an essential part of the research process by providing a suitable structure in which to develop the relationship between documentation and exposition, whilst also retaining congruence with art itself.

Clearly, the RC is the backbone of JAR: potential JAR expositions emerge from the range of the artistic research activities taking place in it for peer–review and development within the RC space itself. Authors may nominate or JAR editors may select expositions for development as JAR contributions.

If you believe that RC software might also support your research database needs then explore the possibility of using the RC as your repository, by contacting us."

(Society of Artistic Research)


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Simon Perkins
09 MARCH 2012

Iridescent: Icograda Journal of Design Research

"Icograda is pleased to introduce to you our newest initiative, Iridescent: Icograda Journal of Design Research. With the launch of this peer–reviewed journal, Icograda continues to support the development of communication design education in theory, practice and research.

This online platform seeks to engage the global design community as a whole in much–needed critical commentary on the state of our profession. Scholars and researchers from each region of the world are able to share their insights in any of the six United Nations languages and we hope to reveal new voices to the international design discourse through this inclusive approach.

By attracting original content across all design disciplines and setting a standard for innovative research, Icograda hopes to inspire and encourage new and unconventional approaches to design research."

(Omar Vulpinari, Editorial Director)

2). Download Iridescent, Volume 1 [PDF – 8.5 MB]



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Simon Perkins

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