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Mapping Manhattan: a public art project mapping personal experience

"Becky Cooper, a 24–year–old cartographer and writer... asked New Yorkers–and visitors–to map their own versions of Manhattan. She took to the streets, distributing 3,000 copies of a hand–printed outline of the island and encouraged participants to "map who you are or where you are; the invisible or the obvious". All copies were self–addressed and stamped so they could be mailed back to her.

Cooper says around 10% of the maps were mailed back and Mapping Manhattan features 75 of the best contributions. Some are heartbreaking (one person mapped key places in his life, from the first apartment he shared with his wife to where she later died); many invoke humour (a map of lost gloves, pictured above); some are confessions (a student who shows how she funded her studies with work at various strip joints). Some are handscrawled in biro, others are collages, and a few use watercolours."

(Vicky Baker, 15 May 2013, The Guardian)



2009 • Adam Gopnik • around us • Becky Cooper • belongingbirocartographycity mapscultural memorydaily activitydiversity of experienceshand-drawnhand-drawn maps • hand-printed outline • hand-scrawled • heartbreaking • juxtapositionlocation-specificManhattanmapmakingmapping • Mapping Manhattan (project) • memoryNew YorkNew Yorkeroutline drawingpathpersonal cartographypersonal experienceplacepublic artqualitative descriptionsrememberingspatial narrative • strip joint • territoryurban mappingwayfinding


Simon Perkins
05 MARCH 2012

Wacom Inkling: a digital drawing pen for artists

"Wacom's Inkling pen has caused quite a buzz in the creative community. A ballpoint pen with a tracker in it that records your strokes to a small box you can carry with you, it's been described as the ideal digital tool for artists who prefer real pens to digital substitutes. ...

One key thing to be said about the Inkling is that it's not a replacement for traditional drawing pens. The captured digital files are not a full–quality representation of a drawing. But then Wacom have stated clearly that the Inkling is for sketching –– even if that has been drowned out a little by the overstretching enthusiasm from some online commentators.

'The line was certainly not as crisp as it was hand–drawn,' [illustrator Lizzie Mary Cullen] notes. 'The layer function is amazing but when uploaded some of the layers appeared to have moved ever so slightly. The line simply isn't as true as a scan, and that is exactly why it's for brainstorming, sketching and rough drawings as opposed to polished artworks."

(Neil Bennett, 08 September 2011, Digital Arts)



Adobe IllustratorAdobe Photoshopartwork • Autodesk Sketchbook Pro • ballpoint • ballpoint penbirodevicedigital artworkdigital drawingdoodledrawing • drawing onto the screen • hand-drawnillustration • Inkling • Inkling pen • input device • Intuos tablet • learning materialspaper • pen • pen and paper • pressure sensitive • pressure sensitivity • Rotring Rapidograph • sketch • SketchBook Designer • SketchManager • stationary • stylus • tabletvector graphicWacom • Wacom Guido Moller • Wacom Inkling


Simon Perkins

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