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22 JUNE 2012

Late Soviet era girl next door photo book 'Sverstnitsa' (Peer Girls)

"Сейчас, спустя 22–25 лет, рубрика смотрится уже по–другому – как слепок эпохи, и можно даже проследить общее движение нравов от консервативного идеала "русской красавицы" кондово–советского периода журнала – к раскованности и менее стандартным типажам в купальниках. Хотя, надо отметить, что редактора очень осторожно и редко отклонялись от европейского типажа в пользу азиатского, но и такое немного было."

[A series of girl next door 'pin–up images' demonstrating the liberalisation of sexual attitudes in late Soviet era.]



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Simon Perkins
13 JULY 2008

The Love Connection: 1980s dating game hosted by Chuck Woolery

"Back in the 1980s and 1990s, Love Connection was an American television game show, hosted by Chuck Woolery. In the show, singles attempted to connect with a compatible partner in what was a reversed and modernized variant of The Dating Game. I say reversed, because instead of the whole point of the show being the meeting which would lead to the date, in Love Connection, they had already had the date and you get to see the after effects."
(The Retroist, 15 February 2012)





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Simon Perkins

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