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21 MAY 2012

New York Photo Festival: 3D coverage

"I mentioned the New York Photo Festival in an earlier post on the Altfotonet blog. I've since discovered the 3D coverage project by Martin Lenclos. The 3D coverage, gives website visitors the chance to experience the festival 'virtually' by offering photos and video interviews of the NYPH's curators, attendees and exhibitors in an evocative rendering the festival's actual environment."

(Gary Sauer–Thompson, Altfotonet blog, 26 May 2010)


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Simon Perkins
26 FEBRUARY 2012

The 2012 Kinetica Art Fair: Intuition and Ingenuity

"The Kinetica Art Fair brings together independent galleries, art organisations and curatorial groups who focus on kinetic, electronic, robotic, sound, light, time–based and multi–disciplinary new media art, science and technology. The art fair features installations, robots and small sculptures but also live performances, artists presentations, demos and a cheerful atmosphere that makes it easy to talk to the 'exhibitors. ...

Kinetica is as bazaar, as garage and as male–frequented as you might expect. There were a couple of interactive horrors 'customizable to better suit the lobby of your luxury hotel', and a few aesthetically questionable contraptions. It takes all sorts, as they say. ...

A corner of the fair was dedicated to Intuition and Ingenuity, an art exhibition that pays homage to Alan Turing.'"

(Regine, 26 February 2012, We Make Money Not Art)



2012Alan Turingart exhibition • art fair • art organisations • artist presentations • contraptions • curatorial groups • demos • drawingelectronic artengineeringexhibitors • garage aesthetics • homage • independent galleries • ingenuityinstallation • interactive horrors • intuitionkinetic artKinetica Art Fairlight artlive performance • male-frequented • mark makingmulti-disciplinarynew media artquasi autonomous creaturesrobotrobotic artscience and technologysmall sculpturessound art • time-based • We Make Money Not Art


Simon Perkins

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