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17 JUNE 2011

SolarBeat: a Solar System music box

"A simple ambient music box, with sounds generated using the orbital frequencies of our solar system"

(Luke Twyman)



analogue correspondenceaudiodatadiagramEarthgraphic representationinformation aestheticsinteractiveinteractive toy • Jupiter • Luke TwymanMarsMercurymusicmusic box • Neptune • notationplanetsPluto • Saturn • sequencer • Solar Beat • solar systemSuntoy • Uranus • Venus • visualisation • Whiteviny


Simon Perkins
04 DECEMBER 2003

Fasci: A Bundle Of Sticks Symbolising Unity

"The bundle of sticks, a fasces, on the back of the [American] Winged Liberty (Mercury) dime was used as a symbol of authority by officials in ancient Rome. The sticks represented the power of individuals. Individually they broke easily. But by binding them together and inserting an ax, they could not be broken easily. That way they represented the united power of many working together as one.

The bundle of lictor's rods (fasces) was appropriated by Mussolini to symbolise Fascism in 1919.Fasces appeared on the back of American dimes minted between 1916 and 1945. These dimes are referred to as the 'Mercury' or 'Liberty' dimes."
(Mike Metras)



binding • bundle of sticks • dime • fasces • fasci • fascism • individually • liberty • lictor • Mercury • Mussolini • Rome • united power

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