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03 JANUARY 2013

Monsters University: Pixar parody of college recruitment ads

"This is delightful: a campaign by Pixar for its upcoming film Monsters University that spoofs those wonderfully cheesy college–recruitment ads that air during NCAA sporting events. The spot below, which ran during this week's Rose Bowl telecast, promotes the movie's eponymous institution and imitates the source material perfectly, from the tagline ('Image you at MU') to the awkwardly saccharine student testimonials. The whole spot is nicely paced ahead of the amusing reveal halfway through. (The realism of the animation helps a ton, too, and is its own best marketing for the film.) The website,, is quite brilliantly done as well. The 'Student Policies' section is particularly inspired. On the issue of 'Basic Monster Respect,' it offers this advice: 'All monsters are unique – by heritage, number of appendages, or simply number of eyes – and all monsters deserve respect.' Pets, it should be noted, are not allowed on campus, 'with the exception of seeing–eye snakes.'"

(Tim Nudd, 03 January 2013, Adweek)



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Simon Perkins
10 FEBRUARY 2012

Culture Jamming: University of Bums on Seats

"Welcome to the University of Bums on Seats, where we believe that nobody should be exempt from a university education. As Vice Chancellor here for the past 13 months, I have attempted to revolutionise our educational paradigm to ensure a rich diversity of abilities are represented in our student body.

It is never too late to start your education. Even at this late point in the academic year, we have many vacancies for degree–courses. We pride ourselves on our 'character–over–qualifications' admissions policy which ensures that no–one will be rejected on any grounds except non–payment of fees.

Unlike many conventional universities, our modern, economical approach to teaching is delivered by the latest computerised teaching–aids, graduate assistants, and other budget–conscious methods.

We particularly welcome applications from overseas students, and we are proud to be one of the very few universities which does not require proficiency in English as a pre–requisite to enrol.

If you have ever considered investing in your future by gaining the qualifications you may have missed earlier in life, then now is the time to apply. No questions asked.

We look forward to receiving your tuition fees."

(Prof Alan Dubious)



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Simon Perkins

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