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25 APRIL 2011

Fantastic Planet: political allegory of human regression and rebirth

"A winner of the Cannes Film Festival 1973, 'Fantastic Planet' is a full length animated fantasy set on the planet of the Draags in a far–off solar system where humans are kept as pets by a race of huge blue creatures."

(Alice in Videoland)

Fig.1–8 René Laloux and Roland Topor (1973). 'Fantastic Planet/La Planète Sauvage'. France: 72 mins.







1973alienalien raceallegoryanimationattackbluebraceletCannes Film FestivalchildrencollarcommunicationCzechoslovakiadomesticated • Draags • drawingexodusextermination • Fantastic Planet • fantasyfilm • fragile • fragilityFrancefuturehumanhumanoidimaginary worlds • Jiri Trnka Studio • knowledge • La Planete Sauvage • lethal • master and slave • meditationnew technology • Oms • Oms en serie • peacepetplanetpolitical allegorypost-apocalyptic scenariorebirthregression • Rene Laloux • reversal of fortune • Roland Topor • savage • scalescience fictionsocietyspeculative fictionspiritsstatue • Stefan Wul • stop framesymbolism • Terr • Tiva • tribevisual design


Simon Perkins
21 AUGUST 2005

NICHT Loschbares Feuer / Inextinguishable Fire

Guerillakino zum Essayfilm
Farocki's film NICHT loschbares Feuer opens with a dramatic and destructive gesture. "During a long shot one sees, in close up, the author who sits at a table in a plain room. While he reads a Vietnamese's witness statement in a flat voice, his eyes meet the camera several times. The statement recounts an attack of a village by the American Air Force, and the use of Napalm, this "inextinguishable fire" that lent the first film its title. Near the end of the statement, he looks up from the paper in his hand directly into the camera and says: "How can we show you napalm in action? And how can we show you the damage caused by napalm? If we show you pictures of napalm damage, you'll close your eyes. First you'll close your eyes to the pictures; then you'll close your eyes to the memory.... Then you'll close your eyes to the facts.... then you'll close your eyes to the connections between them ... We can give you only a weak demonstration of how napalm works. "Then Farocki picks up a burning cigarette while the camera draws closer to show him extinguish the cigarette on the back of his hand. An off–camera voice explains, that a cigarette burns with an average 500 degrees, whereas Napalm burns with 4000 degrees. (...) NICHT loschbares Feuer can be distinguished from most of the other films that were shot in protest against the Vietnam War. This film wants to demonstrate the industrial and personal relations around the production of war, and it wants to point out western scientist's responsibilities for the atrocities committed by American troops in Vietnam..."[1][1] Vom Guerillakino zum Essayfilm. Werkmonographie eines deutschen Autorenfilmers. Tilman Baumgartel. W?rzburg: 1997.



American Air Force • atrocityattackcameracigarettesdamage • Farocki • Guerillakino zum Essayfilm • Inextinguishable Fire • napalm • NICHT loschbares Feuer • Vietnam
23 MAY 2005

Botfighter: Virtual Shoot-em-ups Via SMS

Krystian Woznicki & Gerrit Gohlke
Pervasive Gaming" is the catchword that "It's Alive Mobile Games AG," a partner of Ericsson, among others, wants to use to market games that surround the players in the public space, "24 hours, everywhere." "Botfighter," for example, is "encompassing, always present." It is a combination of an action and a role game that translates a virtual games community into real space. The concept of the game is simple: the players who are logged–in "shoot" at one another with their mobile telephones, with the provider's server acting as an information basis, a contract partner for virtual mercenary commissions, and a location system. The mobile location system decides whether one's opponent is within firing range or not. SMS queries allow players to locate the "targets" in space, travel to them, and attack them with "fire SMS" within the limits of the firing range. "The damage inflicted," 'It's alive' informs us, "depends on the type of simulated weapon used, the effectiveness of the enemy's defence shields, and other pre–determined factors." The telephone as radar and firing device. The battleground as a conspirative network.



attack • Botfighter • firing device • mobilepervasive gamingradar • shoot • SMSspacevirtualweapon

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