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13 JANUARY 2013

AMERICAN SUBURB X: photography and culture blog

"Started in 2008, AMERICAN SUBURB X / ASX is an ever–growing archive and fiercely edited look at photography's always relevant past, rapidly shifting present and dramatically unfolding future. The mission is to provide and provoke, to educate and titillate those who are obsessed with photography, visual culture and all of the beautiful moving parts. We believe that by bringing together the intellectual and the visual in a powerful dance, ASX will foster new generations of artists, scholars, collectors, and patrons."

(Doug Rickard)



2008American cultureAmerican life • AMERICAN SUBURB X • ASX • ever-growing archive • look at photography • photo blogphotoblogphotoblogging websitephotographic essayphotographic portraitphotography • photography obsession • popular culture • rapidly shifting present • relevant past • unfolding future • visual culture


Simon Perkins
10 FEBRUARY 2012

Drive-In Movie Ads: Let's All Go To The Lobby

"Super short advertisements used during intermission at drive–in movie theaters during the 1950's and early 1960's to get people to consume junk food from the concession stand, may be viewed here."

(Internet Archive)



1950s1960s2D2D animationadadvertisement • advertisements • American cultureAmerican popular cultureanimation • concession stand • consume • drinks • drive-in • drive-in movie theatres • familyfood • intermission • Internet Archive • junk food • Lets All Go To The Lobby • lobby • motion graphicsmovie theatrenaivenaivetypopcornpopular culture • refreshments • sequence designstop frametypographyvisual communicationvisual design


Simon Perkins

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