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05 NOVEMBER 2012

Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication: contextual studies, and enterprise and entrepreneurship

"The adaptability necessary to succeed as a design or media specialist comes not only from deep disciplinary knowledge. Graduates also need a breadth of knowledge and skills which some commentators have referred to as being 'T–Shaped'. These additional skills include the ability to work with and increasingly work across disciplines, entrepreneurial attitudes and a knowledge of the business contexts in which they will operate. All undergraduate Ravensbourne programmes incorporate curriculum and learning activities designed to develop these skills in our students. Cross–disciplinary collaborative projects offer students the opportunity to work in teams with other disciplines.

The course structure draws on the creative synergies and frictions of the different disciplines at Ravensbourne and provides physical and intellectual opportunities for students to meet, learn and work together with students from different disciplines."

(Ravensbourne, UK)



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Simon Perkins
05 FEBRUARY 2012

Urban Geography Research Group

"Welcome to the Royal Geographical Society–Institute of British Geographers Urban Geography Research Group (UGRG). This site contains information about the UGRG Committee , its various activities and events, and details on joining our mailing list. It is designed to present useful urban research and teaching resources (such as images and syllabi) to members and other interested browsers.

The UGRG is committed to the support and promotion of urban geography as an intellectual field and sub–discipline. We are committed to developing constructive dialogue between different analytical, theoretical and methodological traditions of urban geography and urban studies, and to increasing the profile of female and early career urban geographers."

(Royal Geographical Society–Institute of British Geographers)



activities and events • analytical traditions • archipelago • city • communal living • early careerearly career researcher • female urban geographers • gentrification • geographyglobalisation • high rise • hypercities • intellectual field • international networkmethodological traditions • picturing place • placehacking • research network • Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers • sub-disciplineteaching resource • theoretical traditions • UGRG • UKurbanurban experience • urban geographers • urban geography • Urban Geography Research Group • urban research • urban research networks • urban studies • URBZ • user generated cities • vertical urbanism • world cities


Simon Perkins

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