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10 APRIL 2017

The Story of Skinhead with Don Letts

"This thoughtful, troubling film from Don Letts shows how a joyful movement became hijacked by thugs and bigots. To the point where even the title of this programme will be off-putting to some. But the precursor to all the hooliganism was a teen obsession with Jamaican ska. Kevin Rowland recalls, 'We saw the Pioneers, we saw Desmond Dekker and we loved them. It was completely multiracial.' And Letts is at pains to celebrate both the fashion before the fascism – reflected in increasingly ugly 70s archive – and the style revival."

(Mark Braxton)


1960s • 2 Tone • BBC Four • British inner cities • British subculture • British youth culture • Caribbean music • clothing fashioncouncil estatecounterculturecultural codes • cultural collision • cultural signals • Desmond Dekker • disaffected youth • DJ Don Letts • Doc Martens • Don Letts • dressing up • Harrington jacket • identity performanceimmigrantinner city • Kevin Rowland • late 60s • mods and rockers • moral panic • multicultural harmony • nationalism • neo-nazism • Pauline Black • pop culturepunk rockracismreggaerockumentary • rude boy • rudeboy • Sex PistolsSham 69 • ska • skinheadstreet fashionsubcultureteddy boyteenage rebelliontelevision documentary • The Roxy (nightclub) • The Story of Skinhead (2016) • urban clothingworking class cultureyouth cultureyouth subculture • youth tribes


Simon Perkins
29 JANUARY 2012

The Way We Were: post-punk performances from the 1970s

"Channel 4 UK programme first broadcast circa 1984 / 1985–ish. Hosted by the late Tony Wilson, it's a compilation of performances by bands taken from his previous TV shows in the late 70's, such as So It Goes. Includes Sex Pistols, Clash, Buzzcocks, Iggy Pop, The Fall, Elvis Costello, Blondie, Penetration, Wreckless Eric, Ian Dury, Tom Robinson, Magazine, John Cooper Clarke, XTC and Joy Division–many of them making their TV debuts."

(The Herb Whisperer)



1970s197619771978 • alternative • alternative music • alternative rock • authorshipbandBlondie • Buzzcocks • Channel 4 • Cherry Vanilla • compilationdebut • Devo • DIY ethicdocumentary • Elvis Costello • Factory Records • Ian Dury • Iggy Popindie rockindie scene • John Cooper Clarke • Joy Divisionlive performance • Magazine (band) • musicmusic documentarymusic videonew wave • Nick Lowe • Penetration (band) • performances • Poly Styrene • post-punkpunkpunk rockpunk rock ethosSex PistolsSham 69 • Siouxsie and the Banshees • So It Goes • subcultureThe Clash • The Fall • The Jam • Tom Robinson Band • Tony WilsonTV • TV programme • UK • underground music • Wreckless Eric • XTC • youth culture


Simon Perkins

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