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04 JANUARY 2014

An introduction to recommender systems


TAGS • affinity analysisalgorithmic filtersAmazon.comautomatic predictions • collaborative filtering • collaborative filtering approach • correlationsdata matchingdata miningecho chamberfavourite things • FilmTrust • information filtering • information filtering system • information patterns • interests • Jennifer Golbeck • large • • Pandora Radiopersonal tastepersonalised suggestionsprediction • process of filtering • rating systemrecommendationrecommendation enginerecommendation platform • recommendation system • recommendation systems • recommender systems • relatednessrelationships between individualsserendipitysimilaritysimilarity machinesimilitude • trust metric • trust-based recommender systems • user datauser preferences


Simon Perkins
28 JANUARY 2012

GeneaQuilts: visualisation tool for large genealogies

"GeneaQuilts is a new visualization technique for representing large genealogies of up to several thousand individuals. The visualization takes the form of a diagonally–filled matrix, where rows are individuals and columns are nuclear families. The GeneaQuilts system includes an overview, a timeline, search and filtering components, and a new interaction technique called Bring & Slide that allows fluid navigation in very large genealogies."

(Anastasia Bezerianos, Pierre Dragicevic, Jean–Daniel Fekete, Juhee Bae and Ben Watson)

3). A. Bezerianos, P. Dragicevic, J.–D. Fekete, J. Bae, B. Watson. GeneaQuilts: A System for Exploring Large Genealogies. In IEEE InfoVis '10: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Oct 2010, Salt–Lake City, USA



ancestorsancestrybelongingchartdatadatasetdesign • diagonal • diagonally-filled matrix • diagramfamilyfamily history • family research • family treegenealogy • GeneaQuilts • graphic representationinformation graphicslarge datasets • large genealogies • matrixnodesnuclear familyrelatednesstimelinetooltreetree visualisationvisualisation • visualisation technique • visualization


Simon Perkins

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