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20 JULY 2012

Victoria & Albert Museum: Zoomorphic Architecture

"Zoomorphic presents a startling new trend in architecture – buildings that look like animals. Animal resemblances arise for various reasons. An architect may wish to create a symbol, as architects have always done. Or, there may be a functional explanation for why a building comes to share elements of its design with that of some living creature.

Until now, the Art Nouveau was perhaps the high water mark of architecture's attempt to embrace nature. Today, with computers and new materials, architects are able to design and build more freely so they are exploring the natural world once more."

(Victoria & Albert Museum, 2004)



2004animalanimal resemblancesarchitecture • art nouveau • biographicalbiologicalbiomorphicbuildingscomputer aided design • design and build • design freedom • embrace nature • exhibitionfunctional explanationHorniman Museum • Hugh Aldersey-Williams • living creature • Natural History Museum • natural worldnew materials • shared visual elements • symbolismtrendVictoria and Albert Museumzoomorphic


Simon Perkins
27 JANUARY 2012

Auckland War Memorial Museum: Cenotaph Database

"Search for biographical and service details for over 115,000 New Zealand service men and women from the 19th century till today and especially from World War One and World War Two."

(Auckland War Memorial Museum)

Fig.1 [3] Portrait, WW2, soldier standing in front of jeep, wooden hut, cigarette in hand, wearing beret. Godfrey Perkins 20/641254 at Mizuba 1946.

Fig.2 [4] Group soldiers, Perenchies, Germany. Wilfred B Quennell 1st row standing 4th from left, scanned from copy of original.




19th centuryANZACAotearoa New Zealandarchive • Auckland War Memorial Museum • Australasia • battalion • biographical • cenotaph • collectionCommonwealthcultural heritage • Dardanelles • databasedigital heritage • expeditionary force • family historyGermanyhistorical record • historical records • history • infantry • J Force • Japan • Jayforce • men in uniform • militarymuseumnational cultural heritage onlinenational heritage • Perenchies • postcard • PoW • prisoner of war • repositorysearchsearch engine • service details • servicemen • servicewoman • social historysoldier • Somme • warwar memorialWorld War IWorld War IIWWIWWII


Simon Perkins

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