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22 OCTOBER 2013

Project Management and Business Analysis Guides

"The Project Service Centre (PSC) role within CSU is to establish sound Project Management (PM) principles throughout the organisation. This will provide a means of clearly identifying the true needs of the University and help facilitate those desired outcomes.

To achieve these objectives, the PSC must provide and enhance the methodology for project management and business analysis, including guides and templates. This particular section concentrates on a set of guides which recommends how different processes can be undertaken."

(Charles Sturt University)


enefits analysis • brainstormingbusiness analysisbusiness analystbusiness communicationbusiness logicbusiness management • business process modelling • Charles Sturt University • conducting meetings • cost estimatedecision makingdocument analysis • echnical specification • elicitation practices • elicitation process • engineering process • financial analysis • focus group • functional decomposition • gathering requirements • interface analysis • interviewingmodelling and prototyping • needs analysis • PowerPoint lectureproblem-solvingproject managementprototypingquestionnaire • requirements analysis • requirements elicitationrequirements engineeringrequirements gatheringrequirements process • requirements workshop • reverse engineeringrole playingshared practicessoftware engineering • stakeholder interviews • surveysystem requirementsuse casesuser activity data • user observation • workshops


Simon Perkins
13 JANUARY 2012

Reach: design-led customer research

"What Reach does can be described as 'design–led customer research', which we abbreviate to design research. To achieve this we combine two approaches:

Understanding the people and situations you design for is crucial for successful innovation. These insights only come from spending time with your customers, and developing empathic conversations with them. When presented in an inspiring, visual way such insights are a strong driver of innovation.

Design skills such as generating, modeling and prototyping new ideas are crucial for successful innovation. If these skills are already used in immersive field work and insight creation, the resulting innovative ideas are rooted strongly in the markets your company innovates for."

(Global Design Research Network)



customer research • customersdesign skillsdesign-led • design-led customer research • empathic conversations • Global Design Research Network • immersive field work • innovationinnovative ideasinsight • insight creation • market researchmodelling and prototypingnew ideas • people and situations • peoples practices • Reach (agency) • research vendor • successful innovation • visual way


Simon Perkins
08 APRIL 2011

Physigrams: Modelling Devices for Natural Interaction

"This paper explores the formal specification of the physical behaviour of devices 'unplugged' from their digital effects. By doing this we seek to better understand the nature of physical interaction and the way this can be exploited to improve the design of hybrid devices with both physical and digital features. We use modified state transition networks of the physical behaviour, which we call physiograms, and link these to parallel diagrams of the digital state. These are used to describe a number of features of physical interaction exposed by previous work and relevant properties expressed using a formal semantics of the diagrams. As well as being an analytic tool, the physigrams have been used in a case study where product designers used and adapted them as part of the design process."

(Alan Dix, Masitah Ghazali, Steve Gill, Joanna Hare and Devina Ramduny-Ellis, 2009)

Alan Dix, Masitah Ghazali, Steve Gill, Joanna Hare and Devina Ramduny-Ellis (2009). "Physigrams: Modelling Devices for Natural Interaction", Formal Aspects of Computing Volume 21, Number 6 / December, 2009.



2009 • affordance • Alan Dix • analytic tool • design of hybrid devices • Devina Ramduny-Ellis • diagrammatic notation • diagrams • digital interaction • digital interactions • formal specification • interaction design • interaction modelling • Joanna Hare • Masitah Ghazali • modelling and prototyping • natural interaction • novel tangible interactions • ordinary objects • physical and digital features • physical behaviour • physical devices • physical interactionphysical objectsphysicalityphysigramsproductproduct design • state transition networks • Steve Gill • tangible interaction • technology affordancesubiquitous computing


Simon Perkins

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