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25 JULY 2013

colAR: An Augmented Reality Drawing App

"Puteko is a spin–off company from the HIT Lab NZ and proudly presents colAR – a computer program that brings colouring book pages to life with the magic of Augmented Reality!

You can colour in the book pages and then see them come to life as they pop out of the page as three dimensional models on your computer screen."



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Simon Perkins
13 JANUARY 2012

The Interactive Institute: Swedish experimental design research centre

"The Interactive Institute is a Swedish experimental IT & design research institute that conducts world–class applied research and innovation. With pioneering spirit and courage, we challenge prevailing norms in technology and design. Our process is based on people's future needs and potential with a vision to improve everyday life for a creative and sustainable society. The results are developed in close collaboration with industry and society.

We develop new research areas, concepts, products and services, and provide strategic advice to corporations and public organizations. Our results are communicated and exhibited worldwide and brought out to society through commissioned work, license agreements and spin–off companies.

Over the course of a decade, the Interactive Institute has established itself at the forefront of research and development in design, data visualization, sustainability and entertainment, positioning Sweden as a leading force in the lifestyle technology research sector. The Interactive Institute has worked systematically to identify new research fields and to create pioneering projects within these with great potential for innovation. The projects have given rise to larger research programs and funding initiatives that not only have created renewal within Swedish research, but also played an important part for Swedish industry, regional development and the image of Sweden as an innovative nation.

Since the start in 1998, our work has been characterized not only in the way we conduct traditional academic research but also in our exploration of the borders between art, design and technology in industrial and academic settings as well as public and private sectors. With our expertise, we bring an innovative edge into policy work, we connect stakeholders for extraordinary synergies, we bring renewal to traditional industry and we add context and involvement to the processes we are involved in. In bringing together our knowledge of business and creative values with world–class research results, we offer a unique set of skills to the Swedish research and innovation sector in the international arena.

The Interactive Institute has 50 employees per December 2010, and is organized around studios localized in Piteå, Umeå, Stockholm, Eskilstuna, Norrköping and Gothenburg. The headquarters is situated in Stockholm/Kista. The Interactive Institute is a non profit distributing organization."

(The Interactive Institute)



1998applied research • art design and technology • collaboration with industry • data visualisationdesign • distributing organisation • everyday lifeexperimentalfuture needsHCIinnovation • IT and design • lifestyle technology research • new research areas • new research fields • non profit • pioneering projects • private sectorproducts and servicespublic sectorregional developmentresearch and developmentresearch centreresearch institutespin-off companies • strategic advice • sustainabilitysustainable societySwedentechnology and design • The Interactive Institute


Simon Perkins

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