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12 MAY 2012

2010 IMPACT!: the 5th Dimensional Camera

"'With their evocative multidimensional camera, the designers have attempted to embody Hugh Everett's many–worlds theory in an object that adds to the cinematic tradition of The Matrix (1999), Lost (2004–10), Fringe (2008–ongoing), and Source Code (2011), to name just a few.

With researchers working to harness the the peculiar workings of our subatomic world, we, as designers, were given an opportunity to explore the implications of one of its more concrete and immediate applications: quantum computing.

Working with EPSRC, NESTA, the RCA, and a group of scientists from the Quantum Information Processing Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (QIPIRC), the 5th Dimensional Camera was produced for the 2010 IMPACT! exhibition as a metaphorical representation of quantum computation – a fictional device capable of capturing glimpses of parallel universes."

(Superflux Ltd.)



2010 • 2010 IMPACT! • 5th dimension • 5th Dimensional Camera • blending physics • cameradesignersEPSRC • exploring implications • fictional devices • Fringe (television) • futures studies • futurologyHugh EverettIndia • Lost (television) • Many Worlds Interpretation • Many Worlds theory • metaphormetaphorical representationmultiple dimensionsNESTAparallel universe • parallel universes • product design • QIPIRC • quantum computation • quantum computing • Quantum Information Processing Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration • quantum mechanicsRCAresearchersscientistsSource Code (2011)speculative designspeculative researchspeculative science • subatomic world • Superflux (consultancy) • tangible prototypeThe Matrix (1999)


Simon Perkins
11 JANUARY 2012

Movie Posters revised: an exercise in visual literacy

[UK designer Olly Moss revises classic film posters.]



abstraction • An American Werewolf in London • Deerhunter • design exercise • design formalism • Die Hard • Dirty Harry • film poster • Four Lions • graphic designgraphic style • Hydra (TV) • Jackie Brown • movie • Olly Moss • On the Waterfront • pop-cultureposterposter design • Return of the Jedi • revision • RoboCop • Rocky (film) • Source Code (2011) • The Empire Strikes Back • The Evil Dead • The Great Dictator • There Will Be Blood • Thor (film) • visual communicationvisual designvisual languagevisual literacyvisual style • werewolf


Simon Perkins

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