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11 OCTOBER 2012

We Are Primary: an artist-led social and cultural resource

"Primary is an artist–led space that exists to support creative research and to develop new ways of engaging with audiences. Offering dedicated artist studios alongside flexible spaces, both within and outside the building, where artists from around the world can meet and work in the heart of Nottingham. Primary is a place where artists and the public can share, experiment and learn about contemporary visual art through an ambitious programme of events and activities. ...

In November 2011, the building opened its doors to the first resident artists: Nadim Chaudry, Simon Raven, Yelena Popova, Rebecca Beinart, Matt Hawthorn, Andy Lock, Simon Withers, Mik Godley, Tether, Frank Abbott, Craig Fisher and Debra Swann. Further recruitment of resident artists has continued in 2012 with an associate artist programme launching later in the year. ...

[Note that] we are not currently open to the public except for special events. However if you would like to visit, please get in touch: 33 Seely Road, Nottingham, NG7 1NU, +44(0)115 924 4493"

(Nottingham Studios Ltd., UK)



2011 • alternative spaces • Andy Lock • artist studios • artist talks • artist-led initiatives • artist-led space • artistic practiceartists • arts infrastructure • associate artist programme • associate artists • audiences • canteen • charitycontemporary visual art • Craig Fisher • creative research • cultural resource • Debra Swann • Douglas Primary School • exhibitionsFrank Abbott • Matt Hawthorn • Mik Godley • Nadim Chaudry • new ways of engagingNottinghamNottingham city • Nottingham Studios Ltd • physical resource • playgroundPrimary (artist-led space) • programme of events • public programme • public spaces • Rebecca Beinart • residency space • Simon Raven • Simon Withers • social and cultural resource • social resource • studio provision • studio space • Tether (pseudonym) • UKYelena Popova


Simon Perkins
08 JANUARY 2012

Does electronic literature have a future?

"Does electronic literature have a future? Is Google the end of the World? What is the role of digital poetics in global politics? These issues and more are discussed with J. R. Carpenter, John Cayley, Maria Mencia, Scott Rettberg, Alexandra Saemmer, Roberto Simanowski, and Jaka Železnikar."

A video–essay by Talan Memmott and David Prater, September 2011 at the ELMCIP Electronic Literature and New Media Art Seminar in Ljubljana Slovenia.



2011 • Alexandra Saemmer • Blekinge Institute of Technology • bookcollaborative research projectconvergencecreative researchcreativity and innovationdigital culture • digital poetics • distributed communication environment • Edinburgh College of Art • electronic literature • Electronic Literature and New Media • electronic literature community • ELMCIP • Facebookglobal politicsglobalisationGoogle Inc • HERA • Humanities in the European Research Area • innovation in practice • J. R. Carpenter • Jaka Zeleznikar • John Cayley • JRPliterature • Maria Mencia • network-based creative community • networked creativity • New Media Scotland • publishingreadingreading experienceresearch and practice • Roberto Simanowski • Scott Rettberg • Sloveniatactile experience • Talan Memmott • the future of the booktranscultural • transnational • University College Falmouth • University of Amsterdam • University of Bergen • University of Jyvaskyla • University of Ljubljana • video essay


Simon Perkins

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