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24 DECEMBER 2013

Preferably Blue: not everyone loves Christmas

"Preferably Blue is a bittersweet fairytale that your parents would never have read to you before bedtime. Their fear that you may turn out to be a bitter adult, knocking back anti–depressants like they were liquorice allsorts, if you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, was probably the reason."

(Wayne Ching, 2010, Yukfoo Ltd.)



201035mm • Alan Dickson • Andy van Straten • animated short filmanimationanthropomorphismanti-christmas • anti-depressants • Aotearoa New Zealand • banana seat bike • bitterness • bittersweet • bunnyChristmasdrinking • Easter Bunny • egofairy tale charactersfairytale • Glen Real • Harry Einfeld • jealousy • liquorice allsorts • loneliness • Mark Edward Allen • Mike Drew • mythological beingmythological creatureNew Zealand Film Commission • Ngan Chung • Norman Forsey • nz short film • Peter Van Der Fluit • Preferably Blue (2010) • reindeerSanta Claus • Sarina Pearson • Shuchi Kothari • Theo Veltman • Tim Chaproniere • vodka • Wayne Ching • Yukfoo Animation • Yukfoo Ltd


Simon Perkins
16 DECEMBER 2011

TreatStudios: an anti-christmas surprise

"Treat is a loose collective of animators and illustrators, formed in 2008.

Many things have changed since then but not our love of making things move that aren't supposed to, e.g., Drawings, pictures, hearts, mountains, molehills, rock.

We've sprayed our work through TV, music videos, live visuals, installations and feature films. We like to illustrate as much as animate so that's another reason for us to exist, and we are happier for it.

We all have different ways of making so our work is an eclectic mix of styles that somehow fit together and help one another progress and vibrate into new and exciting structures."




20082D2D animationamazementanimationanimatoranti-christmas • Bishoy Gendi • boring • Christmas • Daniel Boyle • design collectivedrawingsE4eclectic mixidentillustrative styleillustratorsJonathan Harrismaking things move • Matt Layzell • Michael Gendi • music video • psychedelic reindeer • reindeersnowsurprisetransformation • Treat (design collective) • TV ident


Simon Perkins

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