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25 DECEMBER 2012

Echograph: an interactive animated GIF app for iPad

"A little over a year ago, Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck mashed up fine–art photography with animated GIFs, and the 'cinemagraph' was born. Since then, a cottage app–industry has sprung up around this ingenious digital art form, offering everyday folks easy tools for creating artsy animated GIFs of their own. Now a new iPad–only app called Echograph is targeting professional and 'prosumer' imagemakers who want to get into the cinemagraph–making game.

If apps like Flixel are trying to be the Instagram of animated GIFs, Echograph is more like Photoshop Elements. It's pitched as a creative tool, not a social network or a digital–hipster fad. That's why it's designed for the iPad, which can display higher–resolution imagery and offer users enough screen space to subtly finesse the details of their animated compositions. 'We saw an opportunity to harness Echograph as a more professional medium that takes full advantage of DSLR and higher resolution videography,' Echograph CEO Nick Alt tells Co.Design."

(John Pavlus, Co.Design)



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Simon Perkins
21 FEBRUARY 2005

Lomographic Film: Bullet Point

"Bullet Point, was completed as part of my candidacy in the Doctorate of Creative Industries at QUT, and is is proposed as an investigation into the methodology of creative practice through the process of creation of an independent animation, and is offered as a document of reflection. The project broadens and extends the discussion of creative work as research, as a site of technical enquiry, and as an original piece of creative work in its own right. The work uses techniques of photogrammetry to expand the lo–fi aesthetic of lomography and ad–hoc design."

(Chris Barker, QUT)



ad-hocBarker • Bullet Point • creative industriescreative practicecreative worklo-fi • lomo • lomography • photogrammetry • QUT

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