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09 NOVEMBER 2013

Design Fiction as Pedagogic Practice: Towards a fictionally biased design education

"My challenge is how to construct and design an educational curriculum that develops the wide range of skills and knowledge it takes to be a designer, whilst opening up a space for our students to push the boundaries of our discipline. By focussing on the speculative and fictional, design is no longer constrained by the practical reality of todays material and economic restrictions. The part of our curriculum that concentrates on the fictional, pulls important parts of design practice into focus; narrative construction, user interactions, representations of affect, communication and contextualisation. We train designers to become fluent in the operational mechanics of their practice."

(Matt Ward, 17 July 2013)



acting out • Archigram • behavioural trajectories for action • design artefactsdesign curriculumdesign educationdesign fictiondesign futuresdesign proposalsdesign speculationdiegetic • diegetic prototype • discarded designs • engaging stories • experimental design • fiction and speculation • fictional futures • fictionalisationimaginationimaginative storiesimagined possibilitiesimagining • Madeleine Akrich • manifestonew forms of interactionproposalspushes boundariesspeculative designspeculative proposalsSuperstudio • transformative potential • unread • user interactions • vapourware


Liam Birtles
06 DECEMBER 2011

Rushes Soho Shorts: short film competition

"We are a not–for–profit festival celebrating the wealth of talent working across all genres of short film including live action drama, documentary, animation, music video, and work that pushes boundaries including online or mobile content, title sequences, and idents.

The work of newcomers and established filmmakers is promoted by screening work at cinemas, screening rooms and cafes throughout Soho and London's West End. In conjunction with the competitive program [sic] we hold a large variety of debates and discussions on all aspects of media and filmmaking. The event program [sic] also builds in networking and case studies. Our aims are to provide an arena introducing creativity, new/established practitioners and those partners that can help assist in supporting and furthering people's ideas."

(Soho Shorts, 2011)



animation • Apple Store • arena • BAFTAcafescase studiescreativitydocumentarydrama • established practitioners • festivalfilm competitionfilmmakersfilmmakingident • live action drama • London • London West End • media production • mobile content • mobile filmmakingmusic videonetworking • new practitioners • not-for-profit • not-for-profit festival • online contentpushes boundaries • rushes • Rushes Soho Shorts • screening rooms • screening work at cinemas • short filmSoho • Soho Shorts • title sequence designUK


Simon Perkins

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