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06 JUNE 2019

Astroturfing: corporate interests disguised as spontaneous popular movements

"The term 'astroturfing' is a play on the term 'grassroots movement,' since the grass is fake. Astroturfing has been attempted by online businesses who present a product as being highly desired and sought out by a certain customer base via company-sponsored message board posts, blogs or articles when there is no evidence to support such an assertion."




advocacy groups • astroturf kingpin • astroturfing • astroturfing (phenomenon) • authentic response • authenticitybaseless claimsbelieving lies to be true • block legislation • campaign advertisingcognitive dissonanceconservative ideologyconservative think tankcontradictory narratives • controversial practice • corporate behaviour • corporate bullying • corporate lobbyingcorporations • corrupt practices • credibility • deceitful practices • deceitfulnessdeceptiondeliberate intention to misleaddiscrediting expertsdishonestydrunk drivingemotive manipulation • Employment Policy Institute • fake • fake grass-roots • fake grassroots movements • fake news • fake personas • fake reviews • fallacious argumentsfalse claims • falsified testimony • food safetygrass rootsgrassroots movement • hidden funding • illusion and reality • illusion of a populist idea. • inference • John Oliver • Last Week Tonight • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver HBO • lobbying • lobbyist • marketing practicesmemesmetaphorical representation • minimum wage • misleading message • misleading practices • mistruths • non-profit front groups • outreach • oversimplification • paid sick leave • perception management • pretending to be unbiased • public advocacy groups • public interest • public outreach • public-interest groups • Richard Berman • Rick Berman • secondhand cigarette smoke • sockpuppets • spontaneous popular movements • testimonies • the illusion of authenticity • undercover marketingunethical behaviourwhat is really happening


Simon Perkins
04 DECEMBER 2011

Drunk Driving Prevention: advertising campaigns

"Since launching this campaign in 1983, more than 68% of Americans exposed to the advertising have tried to prevent someone from driving drunk. In 1998, America experienced its lowest number of alcohol–related fatalities since the U.S. Department of Transportation began keeping records. Campaign taglines have included: 'Drinking & Driving Can Kill A Friendship' and 'Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk.'"

(The Advertising Council, USA)


a few drinks • AAA • AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety • advertising campaignalcoholalcohol abuse • alcohol-related driving deaths • alcohol-related traffic fatalities • buzzed • buzzed driving • Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving • careless drivingco-optionconsequencesdangerous drivingdrinkdrink driving • drinking alcohol • drinking and driving • driving • driving buzzed • driving drunk • driving under the influence • driving while intoxicated • drug taking • drunk • drunk driving • drunken driving • DUI • DWI • eating food • emotive manipulation • excess alcohol • humorous spot • impaired drivers • impaired driving • myth • operating under the influence • overtly drunk drivers • PSApublic information advertisementpublic service announcementsafetytransport safetyTV commercial • under the influence of alcoho


Simon Perkins

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