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14 NOVEMBER 2014

.fluid: speculative proposal for a touch-friendly interface

"Imagine surfaces start to communicate with you. Your mobile gets goose skin when your lover texts you. Your WiFi controller changes the look and feel of it's surface according to different game situations. Your sofa gives you a short massage as a warm welcome when you return home from a hard day of work. Your laptop feels dried out when battery status is getting low.

.fluid is a concept study of an interacting, changing surface. While getting Input from the hands of its spectators, it's surface changes from liquid to solid, from plain to three–dimensional symmetric patterns. It provokes you to get in touch with it, to play with it's open interface and to collaborate with other people to find out how far you can push it.

This object was the result of the two week project »Talk to me–Form follows mood« supervised by Prof. Andreas Muxel at KISD (Köln International School of Design)."

(Hannes Kalk, 2013)




2013 • 3D pattern • Arduino • changing state • changing surface • Cologne • concept study • design speculations • design student projectfluid • goosebumps • Hannes Kalk • haptic interfaceinput deviceinteraction designer • KISD • Koln International School of Design • liquid • liquid to solid • loudspeaker • material effectsmaterial interventions • non-newtonian fluid • open interface • pattern • plasma • Processing (software) • solid • solid state • speculative designspeculative proposals • state of matter • surfacesymmetrical patterntouchtouch-friendly interface


Anna Troisi
28 MARCH 2014

Bath-water video game touchscreen makes a splash

"The AquaTop Display projects an image onto a water-filled bath. Users dip their hands in to control a computer game. Hand movements are detected by a Microsoft Kinect camera. The data collected is then translated into instructions that control the game. The fountains are driven by playing a low sound through waterproofed speakers at the bottom of the bath. Users can interact with the display from above or below the water's surface."

(BBC News, 28 November 2013)

[Researchers at The Koike Laboratory at The University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo have made a bath-water touchscreen that combines Microsoft Kinect camera to sense use interactions. The item was reported Laura-Jane Rich for the BBC2 Click programme.]



2013 • AquaTop Display • bathbathtub • bathwater • BBC Click • BBC2computer gamedepth-sensing cameradigital media experiences • Hideki Koike • interactive environmentsinteractive experienceinteractive installationinteractive projectioninteractive visualisation • interactive water surface • Kinect for Xbox 360 • Koike Laboratory • Laura-Jane Rich • liquid • liquid touchscreen • Microsoft Kinectmicrosoft kinect camera • Ngoc Hong Ha (Shin) Phuong • projection mappingreactive graphicsreal-time interactivity • Shingo Yamano • Tokyotouchscreen • University of Electro-Communications • video gamewater • waterproof speaker • Yasushi Matoba


Simon Perkins
11 AUGUST 2012

Kevin Kelly: screen culture is a world of constant flux

"Screen culture is a world of constant flux, of endless sound bites, quick cuts and half–baked ideas. It is a flow of gossip tidbits, news headlines and floating first impressions. Notions don't stand alone but are massively interlinked to everything else; truth is not delivered by authors and authorities but is assembled by the audience. Screen culture is fast, like a 30–sec. movie trailer, and as liquid and open–ended as a website. ...

On a screen, words move, meld into pictures, change color and perhaps even meaning. Sometimes there are no words at all, only pictures or diagrams or glyphs that may be deciphered into multiple meanings. This is terribly unnerving to any civilization based on text logic."

(Kevin Kelly, 19 June 2000, "Will We Still Turn Pages", Time Magazine)

Fig.1 JasKaitlin "hypermediacy" taken on April 25, 2010 using an Apple iPhone 3GS [].



200021st centuryaudienceauthorised voiceauthorityauthorshipbook • classic logic of books • cohesive narratives • constant flux • credibility • cultural change • double screening • dual screening • endlessly tweakable • fast action • first impressions • flowfragmentaryfragmentation • framing narrative • gossiphalf-baked ideashypermediacyinformation in contextinterconnectedness • interlinked • Kevin Kellyliquid • meanings change • multi-tabbing • multiple meanings • narrative framingnon-linearopen-ended • people of the book • people of the screen • quick cutsreflexive modernityscreen culturesensemakingsound bitesynthesise knowledge • text logic • tidbitsTime Magazine • traditional narratives • turning pages • various contexts


Simon Perkins
08 OCTOBER 2003

Marcos Novak: Transarchitectures

"by 'liquid' I mean involving the total but rigorous variability and the idea that form can be driven by both data and presence, both when we are immersed in information and when information is everted on to the physical world. by 'algorithmic' I mean both created by the algorithms and subject to a self–imposed principle of minimal manual intervention. Transarchitectures. The term transArchitectures stems from a discussion between architects and designers. Influenced by their experience with computer technology during the design process they are developing new concepts of time, space, shape, structure, construction, etc. It is about simultaneously practising architecture and media, combining design and machine, and about the shift from 'form and space' to 'process and field'."
(Marcos Novak)

Fig.1 Marcos Novak, screenshot, 4 views of a 4–dimensional transarchitectural
shape (2001).



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