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26 MAY 2014

Hootsuite: Social Media Management Dashboard

"Manage social networks, schedule messages, engage your audiences, and measure ROI right from the dashboard."



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Simon Perkins
20 JULY 2012

Simple Guide to Interest based Networks

"As Facebook and Twitter are reaching a saturation point, a new form of social network has begun to capture the people's attention recently. Interest based networks connect you with people whom you share interests/hobbies with. Though interest based networks are not completely new–forums and communities on specific topics have existed for a while–they are building a critical mass just now.

Pinterest, Instagram, Spotfiy, Goodreads, Quora and other interest based networks have grown significantly during the past 18 months. Each of these has built up a few million strong active userbase and provides a more fine grained marketing strategy for businesses. Small businesses and marketers must pay attention to these networks and utilize them in their marketing strategy."

(Merc Strategy Group, LLC)



Simon Perkins

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