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25 MARCH 2017

Lights Out: scary low-budget horror short film becomes feature

"Based on a short film made for a UK-based film challenge by Swedish director David F. Sandberg and his wife Lotta Losten, the two were more than surprised that their 162-second movie—that didn't win best film—went viral, generating the attention of millions, including Hollywood and famed horror producer James Wan."

(Catherine Chapman, 29 April 2016, The Creators Project)



20132016bedroom • bedtime • blanket • bogeyman • bogieman • boogeyman • boogie man • continental quilt • creepy • David F Sandberg • demonic presencedisturbing tale • doona • duvet • fear of the dark • fear of the unknownfilmmakinghiding in the darkhorror filmhorror genre • in the dark • James Wan • Lights Out (2013) • Lights Out (2016) • Lotta Losten • low-budget film • monster in the dark • mysterious presence • paranormal • scary • seeing things • short film • short horror film • sound and imagestrangerSwedish filmmaker • under the blanket • when the lights go out


Simon Perkins
23 NOVEMBER 2011

Limbo: beautiful 2D sidescroller puzzle game

"Though this is just an early teaser trailer to the upcoming Danish platformer, Limbo, it's already looking brilliant and I'm already thinking of the possibilities. An indie game to the core, Limbo is being produced by 1 extremely talented individual, Arnt Jensen, who is behind the art, concept and design. Limbo has recently received a healthy grant from the Danish government in order to continue the development of the game, more proof of the good that government funded innovation achieves."

(, 26 September 2006)



20102D • 2D sidescroller • ambientanimation • Arnt Jensen • artatmospheric presenceblack and whiteboychiaroscurodangerous environmentsDanish • Danish government • darkeerieexpressionismfantasy elements • film grain effects • game • gruesome • gruesome imagery • horror genreindie gameslighting • limbo • Limbo (game)monochromaticopen-endedphysics systemplatform game • Playdead (game developer) • puzzle platformerspooky woodsstripped-downteaser trailer • trial and death • video gamevideo game artvisual designvisual spectaclevisual stylevisualisationworld of the storyXbox 360Xbox Live Arcade


Simon Perkins

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