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08 JULY 2012

From LMS to VLE or from supermarkets to airports: Classifying elearning platforms using metaphors

"This paper presents a rational model developed to make sense of various elearning platforms currently in use in Australian universities. The conceptualisation and organisation of the elearning platforms is underpinned by an educational psychology framework of social construction of meaning, data visualisation and story telling for meaning making. The model explains how various elearning platforms can be integrated to represent a threedimensional, hierarchical construct that has the potential to aid understandings about the utility of information systems (IS) for learning and teaching. The model shows that LAMS, which has gained increasing popularity in Europe (Laurillard & Masterman, 2010), is usefully depicted as a 'middle ground' system, successfully bridging conventional LMSs and more advanced IS, referred here as (MU)VLEs (Multi–User Virtual Learning Environments). The model has important implications on how university lecturers, classroom teachers and students come to engage with an increasingly complex elearning environment."

(Eva Dobozy & Patricia Reynolds, LAMS Conference Sydney 2010)

Dobozy, E. & Reynolds, P. (2010). From LMS to VLE or from supermarkets to airports: Classifying elearning platforms using metaphors. Proceedings of the 5th International LAMS Conference 2010.


2010airport • airport metaphor • AustraliaAustralian universitiesclassification scheme • classifying • classroomcollaborationconceptual modelconceptualisationconference paper • constructivist approach • data visualisationDiana Laurillarde-learninge-learning application • e-learning conference • e-learning platformeducational psychologyelearning • elearning environments • elearning platforms • electronic portfolioengagement • Eva Dobozy • hierarchical orderinginformation systemsinformation visualisation • IS • LAMS • LAMS Conference • learninglearning and teachinglearning designlearning design support environmentlecturer • Liz Masterman • LMSmeaning makingmetaphor • Multi-User Virtual Learning Environments • MUVLE • Patricia Reynolds • pedagogysocial construction of meaningsocial constructivismsocial-constructivist approachstorytellingstudentssupermarketteachinguser requirementsvisual metaphorVLE


Simon Perkins
08 DECEMBER 2008

Professorial podcasts: the Digital student

"But [Les Watson] suggests that iTunes U could "question the role of the lecturer" because unless someone sets the information in context, learners won't get much benefit from it. "
(Sean Dodson, 02–12–2008, The Guardian, UK)

[Watson's statement is telling in terms of the way that it frames education as a process of knowledge construction rather than knowledge acquisition.]


autonomy • digital student • disembodied learning • distance learners • educationinformation in contextintegrateiTunes Uknowledge constructionlearnerlearninglecturernarrowcastingparticipatory learningpedagogypodcast


Simon Perkins
20 JANUARY 2006

Ernest Boyers: Priorities Of The Professoriate

Eileen Herteis
Ernest Boyer's Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate (1990) was written, in part, to put an end to the false polarity between teaching and research in the academy and to recognise and reward the vast array of faculty responsibilities. Boyer offered a new paradigm of scholarship. He sought to overturn the dominant view that "to be a scholar is to be a researcher and publication is the primary yardstick by which scholarly productivity is measured."

Many have embraced Boyer's work, calling it seminal, and crediting him with rejuvenating the concept of scholarship by validating teaching and service as scholarly activities. Their endorsement, especially with respect to the scholarship of teaching, is reflected internationally in university mission statements, the movement towards certification in university teaching, and the ever–growing interest in teaching portfolios.

Boyer uses the following categories to describe the responsibilities of being an academic:

  • Scholarship of discovery;
  • Scholarship of integration;
  • Scholarship of application;
  • Scholarship of teaching.


academicErnest Boyerlecturerportfolio • professoriate • researchscholarshipteaching

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