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12 JULY 2015

Assessment Careers: enhancing learning pathways

"Assessment is often viewed as a series of one-off events. This means that learners do not always benefit from feedback, they lack a sense of progress and self-reliance is not encouraged. This project will reconceptualise assessment from the perspective of an assessment career and use this to transform our institution's assessment processes. Like a working career, an assessment career develops through a series of related events that join up to give a coherent and progressive pathway that is self-directed."

(Gwyneth Hughes, Research Portal, Institute of Education, University of London)



Simon Perkins
08 JULY 2012

From LMS to VLE or from supermarkets to airports: Classifying elearning platforms using metaphors

"This paper presents a rational model developed to make sense of various elearning platforms currently in use in Australian universities. The conceptualisation and organisation of the elearning platforms is underpinned by an educational psychology framework of social construction of meaning, data visualisation and story telling for meaning making. The model explains how various elearning platforms can be integrated to represent a threedimensional, hierarchical construct that has the potential to aid understandings about the utility of information systems (IS) for learning and teaching. The model shows that LAMS, which has gained increasing popularity in Europe (Laurillard & Masterman, 2010), is usefully depicted as a 'middle ground' system, successfully bridging conventional LMSs and more advanced IS, referred here as (MU)VLEs (Multi–User Virtual Learning Environments). The model has important implications on how university lecturers, classroom teachers and students come to engage with an increasingly complex elearning environment."

(Eva Dobozy & Patricia Reynolds, LAMS Conference Sydney 2010)

Dobozy, E. & Reynolds, P. (2010). From LMS to VLE or from supermarkets to airports: Classifying elearning platforms using metaphors. Proceedings of the 5th International LAMS Conference 2010.


2010airport • airport metaphor • AustraliaAustralian universitiesclassification scheme • classifying • classroomcollaborationconceptual modelconceptualisationconference paper • constructivist approach • data visualisationDiana Laurillarde-learninge-learning application • e-learning conference • e-learning platformeducational psychologyelearning • elearning environments • elearning platforms • electronic portfolioengagement • Eva Dobozy • hierarchical orderinginformation systemsinformation visualisation • IS • LAMS • LAMS Conference • learninglearning and teachinglearning designlearning design support environmentlecturer • Liz Masterman • LMSmeaning makingmetaphor • Multi-User Virtual Learning Environments • MUVLE • Patricia Reynolds • pedagogysocial construction of meaningsocial constructivismsocial-constructivist approachstorytellingstudentssupermarketteachinguser requirementsvisual metaphorVLE


Simon Perkins

A customisable shell for learning activities

"A learning activity has a certain internal structure, binding together the characteristics generated by the analytical process of comparison. The internal structure will have a form that could also have existence in a computational form, such as a generic, customisable shell. An analogy would be Microsoft's Powerpoint programme. It has an internal structure that sequences slides, which are themselves customisable by the teacher. The programme is a very restricted form of learning activity model for a purely presentational form of teaching. The internal structure is important, because it defines how the characteristics work together. In the case of Powerpoint, it restricts what can count as a slide. A better shell would allow the teacher to incorporate Flash animations, for example."

(Diana Laurillard, 2002)



2002 • activity model • ASCILITE • Auckland • Australian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education • Diana LaurillardlearnMicrosoftonlinepedagogypowerpoint • shape sorting box • shell • slide • UNITEC • women in pedagogy

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