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12 OCTOBER 2017

Ideologies address people and offer them a particular identity

"Interpellation is the process by which ideological systems call out to social subjects and tell them their place in the system. In popular culture, it refers to the ways that cultural products address their consumers and recruit them into a particular ideological position. Interpellation is a concept in Marxist social and political theory associated in particular with the work of the philosopher Louis Althusser.

Interpellation draws on the theory that the notion of the autonomous, fully coherent and actualised human subject is an illusion, an ideological construction meant to further the agendas of capitalism and liberal humanism."



attitudesconstructed identitiesconstruction of normscultural ideas • cultural notions • hailing • identityideological message • Ideological State Apparatuses (ISA) • ideologies address people • ideologyinterpellationLouis Althussermanufacturing consent • Repressive State Apparatuses (RSA) • social norms • social processes


Simon Perkins

Every click you make, Facebook tracker will be watching you

"Facebook also introduced new features aimed at marketing companies that let users monitor what their fellow members are watching and listening to online instantly. ...

'Retention of information online has always been a problem. If information comes and goes fleetingly there's less likelihood it will be used other than for the purpose you put it up, which is just to keep people in touch with what you're doing,' Mr Vaile said.

'This is in line with my concern about Facebook trying to change how people think and encourage them to normalise over–sharing and abandon any restraint on storage and use and exposure of private information.'"

(Andrew Colley, 24 September 2011, The Australian)



abandon restraint • autonomycommercial exploitationcommodifying myselfcommodityconductconstruction of normscontextcross-context sharing • cyber-communities • cyberspacedatadata matchingdemassificationdigital identity • digital maps • digital representation • digital signature • e-privacyethicsexposureFacebook • Facebook tracker • human interactioninformationinformation sharingmonitoringnormalisationnormalising over-sharingonlineownershippersonal informationprivacy • privacy watchdog • publicly availableretention of informationsocial networkingstoragetechnological innovation • they are watching you • timeline • Timothy Pilgrim • trackerUNSWuse of private information • use their information • what you are watching


Simon Perkins

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