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05 JULY 2015

Agora: From Democracy to the Market by Yorgos Avgeropoulos

"Το ντοκιμαντέρ του ΓιÏŽργου ΑυγερÏŒπουλου «Αγορά» (Agora), συνθέτει ένα ανακεφαλαιωτικÏŒ χρονικÏŒ της κοινωνικής τραγωδίας που μαστίζει την Ελλάδα την τελευταία πενταετία, θέτοντας κρίσιμα ερωτήματα για μια παγκÏŒσμια συστημική κρίση σε εξέλιξη και μία ευρωπαÏŠκή διακυβέρνηση που διεξάγει οικονομικά πειράματα υψηλού ρίσκου χωρίς να υπολογίζει το ανθρÏŽπινο κÏŒστος."

(ΓιÏŽργος Ρούσσος, 10 Ιανουάριος/January 2015, TVXS)

Translated using Google Translate: "The documentary of George Avgeropoulos "Buy» (Agora), composes a summary chronicle of social tragedy plaguing Greece the last five years, posing critical questions for a global systemic crisis in progress and a European economic governance carried out risky experiments without count the human cost."



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Simon Perkins
21 JUNE 2005

The Corporation: provocative account charting the evolution and powerful influence of the contemporary business corporation

"Provoking, witty, stylish and sweepingly informative, THE CORPORATION explores the nature and spectacular rise of the dominant institution of our time. Part film and part movement, The Corporation is transforming audiences and dazzling critics with its insightful and compelling analysis. Taking its status as a legal 'person' to the logical conclusion, the film puts the corporation on the psychiatrist's couch to ask 'What kind of person is it?'"



1886 • 2003 • bad apples • Bolivia • Bovine Growth Hormone • Bovine Somatotropin • businessCanadacapitalismCelebration (city) • Charles Kernaghan • Coca-Cola • commercial institution • contemporary business • corporate Americacorporate behaviourcorporate historycorporate modelcorporate responsibility • corporate social responsibility • corporationscritical perspective • dairy cattle • DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) • developmental vulnerability • documentary filmDwight Eisenhower • economic externalities • economyexploitationexploitation of natural resources • Fanta • financial dealingfinancial innovationFox News • Fraser Institute • free market economy • government-chartered institution • Howard Zinn • IBM • intergenerational tyranny • investigative news • Jennifer Abbott • Joel Bakan • legal entity • limited liability • Mark Achbar • Mark Moody-Stuart • marketing practices • mastitis • Michael Moore • Michael Walker • military-industrial complex • milk • milk production • Milton Friedman • Monsanto • Monsanto Company • nagging • Naomi KleinNaziNikeNoam ChomskyNorth Americapatent registration • perception management • Peter Drucker • petrochemicals • Pfizer • posilac • powerprofit • rational tyranny • Ray Anderson • Robert Hare • Samuel Epstein • stealth marketing • The Corporation (2003) • toxicology • tragedy of the commons • undercover marketing • unethical behaviourUnited StatesUniversity of British ColumbiaVandana Shiva
09 JUNE 2004

Celebration, Florida: Branded City/community

"Disney has managed to go furthest, further than any other brand in actually building the cocoon, not associate themselves with the lifestyle, but build the lifestyle in three dimensions, complete enough for their customers to pack up their things and move inside the brand. And that is a place in Florida called Celebration, which is a Disney town. And Celebration is the first branded town. Now we used to have branded factory towns, right? which were built around production. Now what we have are towns that are built around consumption, lifestyle, and in Celebration, Florida, you can actually send your kids to the Disney school, and you can vote for political representatives who will represent you in the Disney Town Council. So it's truly privatised democracy."
(Naomi Klein, radio transcript)



brand • branded town • Celebration (city)citycommunityFloridamodel villageNaomi KleinnostalgiaPostmoderntheme parkutopiaWalt Disney

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