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07 NOVEMBER 2012

Journal for Artistic Research: a focal point for diverse artistic voices

"Introducing a high–quality journal in the field allows an ever–increasing number of artistic researchers to partake in what for the sciences and humanities are standard academic publication procedures. Given that artistic research has become a worldwide movement with many local activities, JAR can serve as a focal point, bringing together diverse voices, facilitating the discourse and thus improving the artistic research community.

In the context of JAR, artistic research is doubly defined: insofar as it is research, it enhances knowledge and understanding; because it is artistic, however, the mode of presentation is essential. This definition excludes works of art that share modes of presentation with artistic research, but do not enhance understanding. It also excludes research that is not dependant on an artistic mode of presentation. Thus, the development of epistemological as well as artistic criteria for the exposure of artistic research is a key ambition of the Journal; part of JAR's mission is to re–negotiate art's relationship to academia and the role and function of research in artistic practice. Furthermore, JAR embraces research practices across disciplines, thereby emphasising the transdisciplinary character of much artistic research.

JAR's unique presentation of artistic research as 'weaves', instead of 'pages', facilitates multi–modal exposition, thereby meeting the desire of artistic researchers to have their work displayed and documented in a manner that demonstrates a respect for modes of presentation. By introducing, together with the RC, a standard for documentation, the Journal is responding to the international artistic and academic communities, which demand high quality referencing and documentation. Moreover, the Journal meets the need of art institutions such as museums, galleries and collections for artistic research to be more easily accessible."

(Michael Schwab)

Fig.1 Deborah Harty and Phil Sawdon (2010). "humhyphenhum: Still 5".



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Simon Perkins

Technoetic Arts: a Journal of Speculative Research

"The journal aims to provide a forum for the presentation of new ideas, projects and practices arising from the confluence of art, science, technology and consciousness research. It has a special interest in matters of mind and the extension of the senses through technologies of cognition and perception. It will document accounts of transdisciplinary research, collabora– tion and innovation in the design, theory and production of new systems and structures for life in the twenty–first century, while inviting a re–evaluation of older world–views, esoteric knowledge and arcane cultural practices. Artificial life, the promise of nanotechnology, the ecology of mixed reality environments, the reach of telematic media, and the effect generally of a post–biological culture on human values and identity, are issues central to the journal's focus. It welcomes speculative and anticipatory approaches to research, and the unorthodox expression of ideas whenever the topic justifies such innovation. It aims to communicate to an international non–specialist readership. "

(Roy Ascott)

Roy Ascott ed. (2008) Technoetic Arts: a Journal of Speculative Research, Volume 6, Issue 1. Intellect Ltd. [–Arts–a–Journal–of–Speculative–Research–Volume–6–Issue–1]

Fig.1 "Urban Digital Narratives"



21st centuryacademic journal • anticipatory approaches to research • arcane cultural practices • artartificial lifecollaborationconfluenceconsciousnessdesignecology • esoteric knowledge • expression of ideas • human values • identityinnovationjournallife • mixed reality environments • nanotechnologynew ideasnew practices • new projects • new structures • new systems • perception • post-biological culture • productionresearchRoy Ascottsciencesensesspeculative research • Technoetic Arts • technologies of cognition • technologies of perception • technology • telematic media • theorytransdisciplinary research • twenty first century • unorthodox • world-views


Simon Perkins

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