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28 OCTOBER 2012

What can I do with this content: digital content collective licensing

"A new, industry–standard copyright icon that displays your key terms of use on your website or online publication."

(The Copyright Licensing Agency Limited, UK)



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Simon Perkins
13 FEBRUARY 2012

The UK Design and Artists Copyright Society

"DACS was established 25 years ago by artists for artists. Among its founding artists were Eduardo Paolozzi, Susan Hiller and Elaine Kowalsky. DACS was set up to ensure that artists' rights are respected and that these rights are recognised both financially and morally."

(Design and Artists Copyright Society, UK)

2). DACS Annual Review 2010.



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Simon Perkins

If the download caused no loss to the rights holder, the Tribunal cannot award penalties against the person accused of infringing

"When awarding any penalties or damages, the Tribunal must consider whether or not at the time of the file sharing and copyright infringement the material in question was freely available for sale in New Zealand for New Zealanders.

If the material wasn't available for sale in New Zealand at the time the infringement is said to have occurred, the rights holder cannot claim a loss due to losing out on one or more sales.

If the download caused no loss to the rights holder, the Tribunal cannot award penalties against the person accused of infringing."

(Juha Saarinen)

1). public submission by Juha Saarinen to the New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development regarding the Aotearoa New Zealand Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act.


Aotearoa New Zealandcopyrightcopyright infringementdownloading lawethicsfile sharinginfringing file sharingInternet file sharing law • Juha Saarinen • New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development • pirated material • public submissions • rights holder


Simon Perkins

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