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04 APRIL 2014

YouTube: new forms of community, expression, identity, interaction

"This is the third lecture in a series titled 'Digital Natives,' referring to the generation that has been raised with the computer as a natural part of their lives, especially the young people who are currently in schools and colleges today. The series seeks to understand the practices and culture of the digital natives, the cultural implications of their phenomenon and the implications for education to schools, universities and libraries.

According to Wesch, it took tens of thousands of years for writing to emerge after humans spoke their first words. It took thousands more before the printing press appeared and a few hundred again before the telegraph did. Today a new medium of communication emerges every time somebody creates a new web application. 'A Flickr here, a Twitter there, and a new way of relating to others emerges,' Wesch said. 'New types of conversation, argumentation and collaborations are realized.'

Enter YouTube, which is not just a technology. 'It's a social space built around video communication that is searchable, taggable and mashable,' Wesch said. 'It is a space where identities, values and ideas are produced, reproduced, challenged and negotiated in new ways.'"

(Library of Congress, 22 May 2008)

Fig.1 Michael Wesch, 23 June 2008, Library of Congress []



2008amateur cultural production • anthenticity crisis • anthropologyappropriation • AtheneWins • authenticity • Bomb Iran (song) • Charlie Bit My Finger (2007) • Chevrolet Tahoe • Chevycollaborative productioncommunication mediumcommunity building • connection without constraint • context collapse • cultural anthenticity • demassified mediadigital ethnographydigital nativedigital texts • Dragostea Din Tei • fakesterflash frameFlickr • gaming the system • Gary Brolsma • global connectivity • Hi YouTube • home videohuman interaction • identity negotiation • identity performanceidentity production • illumistream • individualism • Kansas State University • Lawrence LessigLibrary of Congress • LisaNova • LonelyGirl15 • MadV • Marshall McLuhanmedia culture • media ecology • mediascapemediated culturememeMichael Weschnetworked individualismnetworked production • new forms of community • new forms of expression • new forms of identity • new forms of interactionnew media • new types of conversation • new ways of engaging • new ways of relating to others • Numa Numa (video) • participant observationparticipatory mediaprinting press • re-taking identity • reappropriation • Regina Spektor • remix cultureremixingRobert Putnam • seriously playful participatory media culture • sharingsocial space • Soulja Boy (video) • telegraph • user-generated content • video communication • video lecturevideo sharingvlogweb applicationwebcamYouTube


Liam Birtles
13 FEBRUARY 2014

Raspberry Pi Box Lunch with Miller Puckette



1990sAndroid OS • BSD license • collaborative production • create music together • data • developer base • FreeBSD OS • FUDI (networking protocol) • GNU • Graphics Environment for Multimedia (GEM) • GridFlow • Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique Musique (IRCAM) • interactive computer music • interactivityiOS • IRIX OS • LAN • Linux • live collaboration • Mac OS X • matrix processing • Max (software)Max/MSP • Miller Puckette • multimedia works • music making technology • open source project • OpenGL • PiDiP • Pure Data (Pd) • Pure Data Packet • Raspberry Pireal-timereal-time interactivity • San Diego Supercomputer Center • software programmeterminal connectionvirtual collaborationvisual musicvisual programming languageWindows OS


Mik Parsons
12 AUGUST 2011

hitRECord: a model for collaborative production companies?

"HITRECORD.ORG is a project I started almost five years ago now, and in 2010, we evolved into a professional open collaborative production company. We create and develop art and media collaboratively here on our site. Even this introductory video is the remixed result of a great many contributions. So rather than just exhibiting and admiring each other's work as isolated individuals, we gather here to collectively work on projects together. Videos, writing, photography, music, anything –– we call them all RECords.

Now and then, when I think something we've made has come out especially well, I approach the traditional entertainment industry to turn our work into money–making productions; and then we share any profits with the contributing artists."

(Joseph Gordon–Levitt, 2010)



Simon Perkins
08 OCTOBER 2006

Current TV: Gore's Broadcasting/Internet Hybrid

"Al Gore yesterday unveiled plans to launch a UK version of his 'user generated' network, Current TV, with the help of BSkyB, the pay–TV giant of which Rupert Murdoch is chairman. ... Internet networking sites such as MySpace and video sharing services such as YouTube and Google Video have forced broadcasters to learn from them. ...

Mr Gore said the launch of a localised version of Current TV in the UK next spring was the first step in taking the network global. The schedule, made up of 'pods' of between five seconds and 15 minutes, averaging four minutes, is also dictated by viewers via the internet.

The dramatic growth in video blogging sites like YouTube has been cited as a key influencing factor in the development of Al Gore and James Murdoch's recent Internet/broadcasting hybrid called Current TV."
(Owen Gibson, 7 October 2006, The Guardian)



2006Al GorebroadcastBSkyBcollaborative production • Current TV • Google VideoMySpace • pay-TV • pods • Rupert MurdochTVUKYouTube

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