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24 JULY 2012

Pencil drawn evolution by Spanish production house Boolab

"boolab is a production house dedicated to motion graphics, animation (2D and 3D) and the development of other visual techniques, both traditional and cutting or bleeding edge. It came into being in 2004 within the framework of Booker, an advertising production house in the field of live–action, founded in 1996. Initially, boolab was envisaged as an in–house lab for research into new audiovisual languages, but it soon set its sights beyond the company walls. Success was not long in coming, and it rapidly developed into what it is today – a production house that is a benchmark in audiovisual innovation throughout Spain and Europe."


Fig.1 Pilot: 'Evolution' – boolab, uploaded by boolab Plus 1 year ago.



199620082D animationanimationanimator as creatorBarcelona • Boolab (production house) • character animationcreative experimentscreative practicedesign craftdrawingdrawing on paperevolution • Evolution (animation) • hand-drawnillustrationintertextualityline drawingmotion graphics • Motionographer (magazine) • pen and inkpen sketchesproduction company • production house • quick sketch • Spainstop-frame animationtraditional animationtraditional techniquesvisual communicationvisual designvisual narrativevisual simplicity


Simon Perkins
12 AUGUST 2011

hitRECord: a model for collaborative production companies?

"HITRECORD.ORG is a project I started almost five years ago now, and in 2010, we evolved into a professional open collaborative production company. We create and develop art and media collaboratively here on our site. Even this introductory video is the remixed result of a great many contributions. So rather than just exhibiting and admiring each other's work as isolated individuals, we gather here to collectively work on projects together. Videos, writing, photography, music, anything –– we call them all RECords.

Now and then, when I think something we've made has come out especially well, I approach the traditional entertainment industry to turn our work into money–making productions; and then we share any profits with the contributing artists."

(Joseph Gordon–Levitt, 2010)



Simon Perkins

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