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09 JUNE 2004

The Holocaust Museum

"Welcome to the Holocaust Theme Park A sort of Disneyland hyper–real tour of the past is offered at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC – a 'theme park' stroll through genocide. On admission you are issued with an ID card, matching your age and gender to the name and photo of a real holocaust victim or survivor. As you progress through 3 floors of the exhibition, you can push your bar–coded card into computer stations and see how well or how badly your real life subject is faring. Will you (like him or her) end up saved, shot, gassed, incinerated? You'll find extermination camp bunks on which inmates lay unspeakably crammed, dying of malnutrition and typhus. You'll see the ovens in which victims of Zyklon–B gassings were burnt. Worst of all is the endlessly re–run video footage of EINSATZGRUPPEN mass–killing squads at work, shooting, stabbing, and filling ditches with piles of naked corpses. You are watching historical snuff movies. Have you really experienced the Holocaust in this Postmodern theme park? At the end, you'll find visitor's ID card dumped in litter bins among the drink bottle and chocolate wrappers. Your hyper–reality tour is over."

(Richard Appignanesi, 1995)

Appignanesi, R. 1995 Introducing Postmodernism, New York, US: Totem Books. 1419711



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