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04 JUNE 2015

Spare Rib magazines available via JISC Journal Archives

"Few titles sum up an era and a movement like Spare Rib. When the first issue came out in July 1972, many women were starting to question their position and role in society. The magazine was an active part of the emerging women's liberation movement. It challenged the stereotyping and exploitation of women in what was the first national magazine of its kind. It supported collective, realistic solutions to the hurdles women faced and reached out to women from all backgrounds. Spare Rib became the debating chamber of feminism in the UK. It continued until January 1993 and the full archive of 239 magazines provides a valuable insight into women's lives and this period of feminist activity."



19721993 • abortion • activism • Alice Walker • archival research • Betty Friedan • British Library • challenging the status quo • digitisation programmedomestic violenceeducational resource • exploitation of women • female sexual experience • feminism • feminist activity • feminist community • feminist issues • feminist magazine • feminist perspective • feminist researchers • feminist strugglesgender equalitygender stereotypes • Germaine Greer • hair care • honest style • intellectual heritage • Jisc Journal Archives • magazine • Margaret Drabble • national magazine • news stories • online archive • ordinary women • position in society • progeny • radical feminism • research archive • role in society • Rosie Boycott • second-wave feminism • self-defence • sexist advertisements • sexuality • Spare Rib (magazine) • status quotheir stories • third-wave feminism • UKwomen • womens liberation movement • womens studies


Simon Perkins
04 FEBRUARY 2014

This Thing Called Science: videos to explain scientific concepts

"TechNyou is a free information service to help raise awareness about emerging technologies and associated issues, for example GM foods, stem cells, gene therapy, cloning, synthetic biology and nanotechnologies."

The series includes: This Thing Called Science Part 1: Call me skeptical; This Thing Called Science Part 2: Testing, testing 1–2–3; This Thing Called Science Part 3: Blinded by Science; This Thing Called Science Part 4: Confidently Uncertain; This Thing Called Science Part 5: Do the right thing; This Thing Called Science Part 6: Citizen Science.



Liam Birtles
07 AUGUST 2011

Dickens Journals Online: The Online Text Correction project

"This project is called Dickens Journals Online (DJO). Its aim is to digitise and make freely available, as an educational and literary resource of unusually broad appeal, the two weekly magazines edited by Charles Dickens throughout the 1850s and 1860s. They are a treasure trove of good writing by over 300 authors; Dickens himself published A Tale of Two Cities, Hard Times and Great Expectations in their pages, as well as over 200 articles. ...

The OTC project began in earnest in January 2011, and for the first time we have given limited public access to DJO. We need to correct about 30,000 journal pages, not including the Household Narrative."

(Dickens Journals Online)



1850s1860s2011 • A Tale of Two Cities • articlesauthors • Charles Dickens • conservationcrowdsourcingDickens Journals Onlinedigital heritagedigitisation • digitise • DJO • educational resource • Great Expectations • Hard Times • Household Words • literary resource • literaturemagazineold media • Online Text Correction • OTC • participationVictorianwriting


Simon Perkins
15 JUNE 2009

Scientific Eye: Investigating electromagnets

"This activity involves an investigation which can be used to gain experience of a graph–drawing package and to reinforce and develop analytical and evaluation skills. Information is given about an experiment to measure the strength of electromagnets with different numbers of coils and using different numbers of cells to produce different currents.

Two students, Assief and Maria, were asked to investigate the factors that affect the strength of an electromagnet.

Look at these pictures of the items Assief and Maria could use. Draw a circuit diagram to show how you would assemble them to carry out this investigation."
(Espresso Education Ltd)

[An example of a teach guides provided by 'Channel 4 Learning' aimed at primary and secondary school children.]



4Learning • analytical skills • Channel 4 Learning • circuitcircuit diagramcurriculumdiscoveryeducational resource • electromagnet • enquiry • Espresso Education • evaluation skillsmagnetismpedagogy • physical processes • physics • Resources4Learning • sciencescience education • science experiment • teachingUK


Simon Perkins

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