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19 JULY 2013

Dinca: a space for experimental film, new media art and video art

Fig.1 Directed by: Max Hattler. Sound and music: Eduardo Noya Schreus. Animation: Matt Abbiss, Tony Comley, Valeria Fonseca, Max Hattler, Siobhan Mcelhinney, Luiz Stockler. Special Thanks to Sandra Sykorova.



Simon Perkins
06 AUGUST 2011

Off Book: innovative artists working in experimental media

"ARLINGTON, Va.; July 18, 2011 – PBS announced today the premiere of 'Off Book,' a new web series focused on experimental and non–traditional art forms on that begins July 20 [2011]. This 13–part, bi–weekly series explores the ever–changing definition of art in the hands of the next generation of artists taking creative reigns and melding art with new media. ...

Produced by New York–based production company Kornhaber Brown, 'Off Book' trains a lens on the lives of various artists working in interactive art, online collective art, fashion design, typography, indie music, videogame art, and more. In three–to–five–minute video snapshots of creators who ride the cutting edge, viewers can explore the process, motivation, meaning, and relevance behind their work.

Just as actors reach a point at which they're confident enough to go 'off–book' and leave their scripts behind, the visual and performing artists featured in this series are taking the next steps with their talents and training, forging new artistic paths. 'Off Book' will offer interactive experiences for each of its 13 online episodes, encouraging further viewer participation and providing additional artistic inspiration. ...

The World of Typography – The diversity of typographic expression comes to life through conversations with iconic graphic designer Paula Scher, font designers Tobias Frere–Jones and Jonathan Hoefler, the experimental young designer Eddie Opara, and cutting–edge info–graphic creators Deroy Peraza and Julia Vakser."

(, 2011)

Fig.1 (2011). "Off Book", Episode 2, premiered 3 August 2011, (original series premiered 20 July 2011).



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Simon Perkins

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