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The Wooden Leg (1994)





16mm19942D animation • acceptance • artificial limb • Arts University Bournemouth • babybedbedroom • Bill Hopkins • black and white • black ink • British animation • childbirth • Darren Doherty • disabilitygirlhand-drawnjealousy • leg • line drawing • Mike Taylor • Nick Smith • pen and inkPeter Doherty • Peter Parr • Peter Stansfield • phantomprosthetic legrejectionreplacementromantic love • Steve Harvey • Stuart Cox • Tai Shum • The Wooden Leg (1994) • Tony Wilson • twig • woman • wooden • wooden leg


Simon Perkins
24 DECEMBER 2013

Preferably Blue: not everyone loves Christmas

"Preferably Blue is a bittersweet fairytale that your parents would never have read to you before bedtime. Their fear that you may turn out to be a bitter adult, knocking back anti–depressants like they were liquorice allsorts, if you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, was probably the reason."

(Wayne Ching, 2010, Yukfoo Ltd.)



201035mm • Alan Dickson • Andy van Straten • animated short filmanimationanthropomorphismanti-christmas • anti-depressants • Aotearoa New Zealand • banana seat bike • bitterness • bittersweet • bunnyChristmasdrinking • Easter Bunny • egofairy tale charactersfairytale • Glen Real • Harry Einfeld • jealousy • liquorice allsorts • loneliness • Mark Edward Allen • Mike Drew • mythological beingmythological creatureNew Zealand Film Commission • Ngan Chung • Norman Forsey • nz short film • Peter Van Der Fluit • Preferably Blue (2010) • reindeerSanta Claus • Sarina Pearson • Shuchi Kothari • Theo Veltman • Tim Chaproniere • vodka • Wayne Ching • Yukfoo Animation • Yukfoo Ltd


Simon Perkins
09 MARCH 2010

Jealous lover jailed over London Facebook photo murder

"A man who stabbed his ex–lover to death after seeing a Facebook photo of her with a new boyfriend has been jailed for life.

The Old Bailey found Paul Bristol, 25, guilty of murdering Camille Mathurasingh, 27, in April 2009.

The IT technician, who lived in Trinidad and Tobago, flew to London within two weeks of seeing the picture and murdered the accountant.

He has been ordered to serve a minimum term of 22 years.

Bristol stabbed Ms Mathurasingh 20 times at her home in Bow, east London, before cutting himself and crashing her car.

Judge Timothy Pontius told him: 'Clearly you were eaten up by jealousy.'"

(BBC News, 9 March 2010)


2009 • boyfriend • Camille Mathurasingh • deathdigital cultureethicsFacebookjealousymurder • Paul Bristol • stabbing • stalker • Trinidad and Tobago • UK


Simon Perkins
13 FEBRUARY 2004

Moholy-Nagy: Frames Within Space-frames

"A primary characteristic of the 'language' of montage is its tendency towards multiple and layered meanings. One example of this multiplicity is the combination of incongruous visual and verbal elements within the space of a single picture. ...these individual elements are combined in compositions, which are more like energy fields than traditional perspectival space (with its attendant sense of rational time). The syntax of montage is non–linear; any single element tends towards a multiplicity of possible connections with other elements. Meanings are contextual and relative, and the literalness of photography gives way to metaphor, metonymy and allegory. These effects are created not only by the cutting and fragmentation of elements but also by the space between the elements which, like gaps that must be jumped, activate and energise the image. It would not be incorrect to see these 'fields' as a kind of shattered mirror reflection of the energy, confusion and contradictions of life as the Dadaists saw it. Many of their works, however, emphasise the desire, perhaps the necessity, to see below this surface reflection to the underlying structure of society or the psyche. Iconographically, the most consistent reminder of that desire is the repeated use of anatomical photographs and diagrams in the work of Hausmann and Ernst. In addition to their visual impact as figures, these elements tend to constantly remind the viewer to be conscious of what is below the surface, even if that underlying layer is not visible. Thus, during this period the foundations were laid for the Surrealists' examination of the unconscious and for John Heartfield's satirical analysis of the ideology of Nazi Germany in the early 30's. Apart from and following Dada's end as an organised movement, important photomontages were also produced by Constructivist artists such as Lazio Moholy–Nagy and Alexander Rodchenko."
(John Pickel, 1988)

Title on Object: Eifersucht
Published Title: Jealousy

collage with photographic/photo–mechanical and drawn elements
63.8 x 56.1 cm.
Museum Purchase; ex–collection Sybil Moholy–Nagy
GEH NEG: 4339

Old GEH Number: 4685–11



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