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14 AUGUST 2013

In Spring One Plants Alone: intimate portrait of a mother and her son

"This is the story of Puhi, an aged Maori woman and Niki, her fully grown but wholly dependent son. The world they occupy is not a world of large events but the rituals of everyday life, traditions and interdependence. 'In Spring One Plants Alone' documents the minutiae of their very enclosed existence. Filmed over a period of one and a half years, it emerges as a rare, haunting and powerful portrayal of their life together. This is the story of their rituals and of their survival. The small and disconnected instances that we encounter form a lone vision of the rifts and the bond between an old woman and her disturbed son."



16mm1980 • Alun Bollinger • Aotearoa New Zealand • Chris Lancaster • cultural traditionscultural valuesdirect cinemadisableddocumentary filmdocumentary truth • enclosed existence • everyday lifefeature-length documentaryFirst Nations • In Spring One Plants Alone (1980) • Indigenousinterdependenceintimate lives • intimate perspectives • intimate portrait • isolated communities • isolationiwiJack BodyLeon NarbeyMaoriMaori eldersMaori people • Maori woman • minutiae • New Zealand cinema • Niki • personal rituals • personal storyportrait of everyday life • Puhi • Queen Elizabeth II Arts Councilremote communitiessocial realismsocial reality • Stephen Upston • student filmstraditionsVincent Ward


Simon Perkins
02 AUGUST 2011

Maori Maps: portal to the marae of Aotearoa New Zealand

"Māori Maps provides a nationwide map of marae, with photos of each marae, contact and background information, and photographs. There are also restricted access areas that marae themselves can use to store their data and photos.

To date the site contains information for marae in the Tai Tokerau (Northland) and Tamaki (Auckland) regions. Work is continuing towards adding all of Aotearoa's more than 800 ancestral marae by the year 2013.

Māori Maps is a portal to the marae of Aotearoa. The site will offer not only map location and directions to the gateway of every tribal marae in Aotearoa, but also a digital gateway by which visitors can access sites or service run by marae. Māori Maps recommends that anyone who wishes to go beyond kūwaha – to walk onto marae, be formally hosted or obtain deeper marae knowledge – should engage directly with the marae community and its elders."

(Te Potiki National Trust Limited, Aotearoa New Zealand)



2013 • ancestral marae • Aotearoa New Zealand • ASB Community Trust • Auckland • Auckland region • belongingcultural identity • digital gateway • guideIndigenousinformation resource • kuwaha • Maori • Maori activity • Maori elders • Maori identity • Maori Maps • map • map location • mapsmarae • marae community • marae knowledge • marae of Aotearoa • national cultural heritage online • nationwide map of marae • North Island • Northland • Tai Tokerau • Tamaki • tribal marae


Simon Perkins

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