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10 FEBRUARY 2012

Free 3D Software and 3D Model Providers

"The DAZ FREE 3D Software promotion is three award–winning 3D software products now available for the first time ever for free."

(DAZ Productions, Inc.)

Fig. 2&3 IT'S ART Magazine




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Simon Perkins
02 AUGUST 2011

Iain McCaig: a career of being creative

"Iain is an internationally recognized and award winning artist and one of the motion picture industry's leading conceptual designers. His exceptional command of human anatomy, character, emotional expression and visual narrative make him on of the most sought after artists working in the entertainment industry today."

(Iain McCaig, University of New South Wales)

Fig.1 Published on 25 Jul 2011 by UNSWCommunity

[At 19:00 the interviewer explains that Andrew Pienaar from Pixar describes his process of becoming 'creatively unstuck' as one where he refers to images that he has collected which he has stored in a drawer at Pixar. He explained that sometimes it's enough to just imagine the images in the collection for him to become 'unstuck'. Iain McCaig (19:45 – 20:45) builds on this by explaining that he understands the same process in terms of a metaphor of a library where the library is a 'resource in your mind' that you constantly keep referring and adding to –that you constantly keep re–reading.]



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Simon Perkins

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