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07 OCTOBER 2013

Bingo, Barbie and Barthes: 50 Years of Cultural Studies

"Fifty years after Richard Hoggart established Cultural Studies with the founding of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies in Birmingham, Laurie Taylor takes a personal look at what this new discipline has given us –– taking cultural studies out of the academy to ask: has it really narrowed the separation between high and low culture, or just been an excuse for soap fans to write dissertations on Coronation Street?"

(BBC Radio 4)

First broadcast: Monday 07 October 2013



201450th anniversary • academic discipline • Angela McRobbieBarbie dollBBC Radio 4 • bingo • Birmingham • Caspar Melville • Centre for Contemporary Cultural StudiesChristopher Fraylingcontemporary culture • Coronation Street • critical language • critical tools • cultural studies • cultural thinking • democratised culturehigh culture • Lady Chatterleys Lover • Laurie Taylor • leisure activitylived experiencelow culture • Lynsey Hanley • mass mediamassification • Matthew Hilton • Owen JonesPaul Gilroy • Paul Willis • popular arts • popular culturepopular musicpost-warRaymond WilliamsRichard HoggartRoland Barthessoap operasocial change • street culture • Stuart Hall • tabloid • the academyTV


Simon Perkins
16 JULY 2011

One Hit Wonders: singers and groups who made a single hit song and were never heard from again

"The history of popular music is haunted by the ghosts of scores of singers and groups who made a single hit song and were never heard from again. Periodically radio stations that specialize in classic rock will devote a weekend to these one–hit wonders"

(David W. Galenson)

Galenson, David W., One Hit Wonders: Why Some of the Most Important Works of Modern Art are Not by Important Artists (November 2004). NBER Working Paper Series, Vol. w10885, pp. –, 2004. Available at SSRN:

Fig.1 C. W. McCall (1975). "Convoy"; Fig.2 Promises (1978). "Baby it's You"; Fig.3 The Swingers (1982). "Counting The Beat"; Fig.4 Deee–Lite (1990). "Groove Is In The Heart"; Fig.5 OMC (1995). "How Bizarre"



19751978198219901995 • American Gothic • architects • artistic one-hit wonder • artists • best of • Bring Down the Birds • career • Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris • classic rock • conceptual innovation • early career • greatest hits • hit song • individual works • innovationinnovative ideas • isolated achievements • major works of art • masterpiecemusicmusic videonew approachesnew ideasnovelty • one-hit wonders • painters • popular music • radio stations • sculptors • singers • Vietnam Veterans Memorialvisual artistsWashington DC • works of modern art • young practitioners


Simon Perkins

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