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05 NOVEMBER 2013

Co-Lab: Practice and Theory Research Lab

"The Co–Lab has been established to provide essential support for research staff engaged in creative media practice from within the Media School, National Centre for Computer Animation and School of Design, Engineering and Computing at Bournemouth University.

Sharing knowledge across disciplines, our aim is to create a space in which resources, ideas and new areas of research can be opened up and supported."



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Neal White
30 JUNE 2011

Robbie Cooper's Immersion project

"Immersion is a project that records video of people 'through the screen' as they play games, use the internet and watch TV. There's three of us involved in the actual production of the footage– Andrew Wiggins is a camera man based in London, whilst Charly Smith is a First Assistant Director, also based in London. In 2010 we'll be working with the Media Center at Bournemouth University, on an 18 month study called 'War and Leisure', of teenagers and war in the media. Using the Facial Action Coding System, developed by Paul Ekman, we'll be analysing the reactions of teenagers to war in video games, movies, news footage, documentaries and online video. Outside of this study we're also filming people consuming a range of media– everything from the shopping channel, porn, sports, to programming created for babies."

(Robbie Cooper)

Fig.1 Cooper, R. (2010). "Immersion". Bradford, National Media Museum.



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Simon Perkins

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